Definitions and meanings of "Maps"

What do we mean by maps?

A visual representation of an area, whether real or imaginary.

A graphical representation of the relationships between objects, components or themes.

A function.

Any of various nymphalid butterflies of the genera Araschnia (especially, Araschnia levana) and Cyrestis, having map-like markings on the wings.

(old-fashioned) The face.

An imaginary or fictional area, often predefined and confined, where a game or a session thereof takes place.

Maps is referring to directions put on paper that someone uses when they are planning to travel or leave Reference someone as "maps" because they are leaving  Urban Dictionary

This is spam backwards  Urban Dictionary

Mail Abuse Protection System  Urban Dictionary

Mapping is a niche genre of video on YouTube that usually involves a map and the countries on it are like sentient beings and talk for some reason. It's really hard to explain.  Urban Dictionary

MAP stands for Masquerading Asshole Pedophile. It’s a new term pedophiles came up with to protect pedophiles from being identified as pedophiles. They claim it stands for Minor Attracted Person, but really it’s a sham of language. They use the word “minor” because it can evoke the image of a 17 year old when really they are talking about 4 year olds. They use the word “attracted” because it implies they might not act on it, but then they believe children can give consent (which would mean acting on it wouldn’t be immoral and thus they definitely WOULD act on it). Lastly, the biggest deception is using the word Person when they’re not really people, they’re pedophiles. It’s also not a coincidence it spells out MAP which is an innocuous, useful every day item when they are in fact the opposite of all those things (dangerous, useless, and a tiny disgusting subset of the population). It is a prime example of conflation, obfuscation, and Orwellian language .  Urban Dictionary

Minor Attracted Person(s), or more commonly known as Pedophile(s). They are people attracted to people under the age of 18. There is also nomaps, who are attracted to minors but do not act on it.  Urban Dictionary

An acronym that stands for Minor Attracted Person. MAP is a blanket term used to describe all minor attractions. There are different words for different age based attractions, called chronophilias. there are 4 chronophilias under the MAP umbrella. nepiophilia, pedophilia, hebephilia, and ephebophilia. The term was created in 2007 by professionals in the organization B4U-ACT. It was created as a more accurate term for minor attracted people, since a pedophile is a person attracted to specifically prepubescent children, and not all minors are prepubescent.  Urban Dictionary

Minor Attracted Person; an umbrella term for people suffering of pedophilia, hebephilia and hephebophilia.  Urban Dictionary

MAP stands for Minor Attracted Person. This is an umbrella term that covers all the minor attractions. This includes Nepiophilia, Pedophilia, Hebephilia, and Ephebophilia. People often think MAP is a name to "sugar-coat" pedophiles, but that's not the case.  Urban Dictionary

MAP is an umbrella term used for people with a chronophilia that involves having a sexual/romantic attraction to minors  Urban Dictionary

The word "maps" in example sentences

How to use maps in a sentence? Example sentences with the maps, a sentence example for maps, and how to make maps in sample sentence, how do I use the word maps in a sentence? How do you spell maps in a sentence?

~maps- I've received a US map and a map of the world, which are wonderful, but if you know me well, you'll know that I LOVE maps and I can spend hours and hours looking at them ❋ Liv (2009)

One obvious feature from the maps is the “donut” phenomenon, the prevalence of large central county net out-migration, surrounded by a ring of substantial suburban and exurban net in-migration (about two-thirds of which is from the central core counties). ❋ Unknown (2009)

The collection and the thoughtful subject grouping of the maps is a valuable resource. at ❋ Unknown (2007)

I have seen what they call maps showing the world as far as they know it, and well nigh all has been conquered by them; but the farther away from Rome the more difficulty have they in holding what they have conquered. ❋ Unknown (1867)

Was this only recently released on the main maps site? ❋ Unknown (2010)

The other problem with Google maps is it never shows you the correct location of the hidden zombie snails. ❋ AYDIN (2009)

A note that people should look at the Ohio Hub maps from the Ohio Rail Development Corporation if they want to better understand how the “gaps” in the HSR corridors will be filled in. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Davesbit made his own globe using maps from the Generic Mapping Tools project; he used a beachball for a mold and cast the sphere with fiberglass and foam. here is the plastic beach ball covered in paint for the inside of the sphere-half mold ... the stand was made from scraps of red oak from a computer table i built ... globe with stand ❋ Unknown (2009)

I thought that map was the greatest thing since sliced bread and then the other day I am surfing the web and I spot these beautiful scans of colorful moon maps from the 1970s. ❋ Unknown (2010)

"I used some scans of old astronomy maps from the 17th century," he says. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Monetizing free maps is somewhat more difficult for Nokia than for Google, but they two will do it by providing paid services around free maps. ❋ Unknown (2010)

With the addition of Transit City I feel it would be helpful in maps and designs if lines had numbers and colours as well as names. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Look up translations or train maps, or even scan a business card and update your address book via WiFi. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Reading these maps is also a great time to introduce the concepts of Lake Effect Snow that is especially prominent around the Great Lakes. ❋ Unknown (2009)

It has generally been observed that the basic knowledge about maps is rather low among the people of this country, even among the formally educated. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I don't trust google either, so when google maps is used, I allow static and google to run javascript for the short period needed. ❋ Unknown (2010)

A new full-screen Places view lets you look at terrain maps with markers of where your photos were taken. ❋ Unknown (2010)

[The Yeah] Yeah [Yeahs] song "[Maps]" "Wait... they don't love you like I do... Wait they don't love you like I do... Maaaaaps..." ❋ Jessbdancin (2006)

[YARY]! [ps]. I just don't [plain] like ❋ PBR (2004)

A MAPS server is usually a [DNS] [Blacklist] of hosts which have (or are capable of having) spammed a reporting host. [Sorbs].net is a perfect example of such a list. ❋ Stuart (2004)

Person 1: What the hell are you watching Jimmy? Why does it say that [the Fifth] French [Republic] wants to have intimate sexual relations with [the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland]? That makes no sense! Person 2: It's just mapping. It's really popular in like, uh, Bosnia-Herzegovina and stuff. ❋ Sabyrcus (2021)

Let’s [round up] all the [MAPs] and beat them in the genitals with rusty [hammers]. ❋ GaryEffingOak (2020)

Oh, he likes a [11 year old]? [He’s] [probably] a MAP. ❋ Anonynomo (2020)

Have you seen [the MAP] [community] on [Twitter]? ❋ Lucifer_knows_best (2020)

"Do you like [teens]?" "[Yes], [I'm a] no-contact MAP" ❋ DT11 (2018)

Him: "I'm attracted to kids, ages 6-16." Her: "So you're a pedophile, [hebephile], AND a [ephebophile]?" Him: "[Technically], yes. But I just go by MAP!" ❋ Armyofdefinitions (2019)

[kip] is a MAP, [Kip] has a sexual attraction to [minors] 7 and under ❋ Kearbrat (2020)

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