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Definitions and meanings of "Marlstone"

What do we mean by marlstone?

A rock containing clay materials and calcium and magnesium carbonates, with approximately the same composition as marl. noun

In geology, argillaceous and more or less ferruginous limestone. noun

A sandy calcareous straum, containing, or impregnated with, iron, and lying between the upper and lower Lias of England. noun

Marl noun

Metamorphic rock with approximately the same composition as marl noun

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Synonyms and Antonyms for Marlstone

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The word "marlstone" in example sentences

Yes, it's local stone, called marlstone – basically a limestone that has iron in it, I think, hence the lovely rusty colour. ❋ Peter Ashley (2008)

On the left is a ruined castle, built of shelly marlstone, which, according to Arabian tradition, once belonged to the Berdovil in question. ❋ Archduke Of Austria Ludwig Salvator (1881)

When there is an upper story, which is rarely the case, it is approached from the courtyard by a staircase, usually dilapidated, with stairs of shelly marlstone. ❋ Archduke Of Austria Ludwig Salvator (1881)

Harish lies along the side of an undulating hill fronting the sea, at the foot of the large quadrangular castle, a substantial building of calcareous marlstone. ❋ Archduke Of Austria Ludwig Salvator (1881)

Belemnites are generally found in immense numbers together, especially in the marlstone quarries of the Midlands, and in the lias cliffs of Dorsetshire. ❋ Grant Allen (1873)

Mine haulage will be by rail, like the Bingham Canyon pit in Utah, and the carloads of marlstone will also moved to some place that has plenty of water, already has a petrochemical industry, and could even use the waste rock that remains after the kerogen is extracted. ❋ Unknown (2009)

This is clearly a place that could use fill - crushed marlstone by the cubic mile. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The leftover marlstone takes up about 30 percent more volume. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Granted, some of this energy would be need to haul the marlstone up to the Great Divide before starting down. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Thus a marlstone train, dropping to sea level after crossing the Rockies, could function like a big hydroelectric plant, powered by rolling rock instead of falling water. ❋ Ed Quillen (2009)

To extract the kerogen, you crush and heat the marlstone. ❋ Ed Quillen (2009)

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What does marlstone mean?

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