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The word "maror" in example sentences

We lift high the matzah, the bread of affliction, for all to see; we taste the painful maror to remind us of embittered lives and oppressive work; we drink four cups of redemptive wine. ❋ Ari Hart (2011)

In the first of three pieces on Ha Lachma Anya, Rabbi Yitz Greenberg explores how matzah and maror remind us not to overlook what God intended to be our sacred mission in this world and not to become too complacent in our current celebratory well-being to forget the stranger, the poor and the orphan. ❋ Ari Hart (2011)

The play takes place in Los Angeles, as a group of old friends and new gather to celebrate a Passover Seder, and opposing viewpoints are sandwiched together like charoset and maror. ❋ Tracy Shaffer (2011)

Because the woman is obligated in the Passover sacrifice and eating mazzah, she is also obligated in eating bitter herbs (maror). ❋ LeBeit Yoreh (2009)

Our maror is horseradish root and symbolizes the bitterness of slavery and anything to do with getting used and abused by "The Man." ❋ Unknown (2009)

Placed on the plate are a roasted egg to signify rebirth in spring, karpas (parsley) to signify the springtime, a roasted lamb shank to signify the paschal sacrifice that Jews used to offer in the ancient Temple, maror (a bitter herb, such as horseradish) to signify the bitterness of slavery, and Chazeret, a second bitter herb to represent the bitterness. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Our maror is horseradish root and symbolizes the bitterness of slavery and anything to do with getting used and abused by "Da Man." ❋ Unknown (2009)

However, we all know that only things that you really need to mention are matzah, maror, and pesah presumably one should discuss them as well. ❋ Unknown (2007)

As we worked through the ancient Haggadah text describing the trials of the Jewish people and their indefatigable optimism, and I nibbled on the traditional matzo and maror, I thought that this was a very positive, albeit unlikely, consequence of having the name Plame in the public domain. ❋ Valerie Plame Wilson (2007)

Five species are known: wild lettuce, Heb. hazeret; endive, ulsin; chicory, tamka; harhabina and maror, whose translation is variously rendered a kind of millet or beet, and the bitter coriander or horehound. ❋ 1840-1916 (1913)

Bitter herbs (maror) remind Jewish people of the bitterness of the slavery of their forefathers in Egypt. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Molly Rissien, a freshman from Overland Park and Wendi Albert, a freshman from Memphis, Tenn., peel maror in preparation for Passover Seder, a Passover night service replicating the events of the Exodus. ❋ < (2010)

The action of dipping the bitter herbs in Charoset symbolizes how hard the Israelite worked in gypt, combining a food that brings tears to the eyes (the maror). ❋ Chow Times (2010)

As we dipped into the maror -- horseradish grown nearby on the orange and coffee farm -- and the tropical haroset made from local mangoes, it dawned on us that, though the text was familiar and the people around us like family, we had landed at a very unusual seder. ❋ Ben Harris (2010)

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