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Marylands is a Spanish-style country house on Pitch Hill, a rural part of Ewhurst, Surrey, England. It is a Grade II* listed building, designed during 1929–31 by architect Oliver Hill. The gardens were planted by Gertrude Jekyll. .

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    Making the casserole filling was easy, I used 2 chicken marylands and diced them up, fried them with two small onions and garlic.. [Archive 2009-08-01]

    So the chicken I chose for the pie was skinned and boneless marylands.. [Archive 2007-03-01]

    Once the skin has coloured turn the marylands over to brown the underside.. [Archive 2007-07-01]

    Remove the marylands from the stock and place them on a low-sided oven dish.. [Archive 2006-11-01]

    In a deep sided oven-proof dish place the duck marylands skin side down.. [Archive 2006-11-01]

    The marylands are cooked in a Hoisin and Soy sauce broth that's been spiked with star anise - then they are removed from the broth, sprinkled with Chinese five-spice powder and ground Szechuan peppercorns and then returned to the oven where the skin becomes wonderfully crisp and delciously spiced.. [Archive 2006-11-01]

    My wife D asked me the other day to buy four chicken marylands for some soup she was making.. [At My Table]

    I was off to the market where there are several poultry shops and saw some lovely corn fed marylands in one of the counters.. [Archive 2006-09-01]

    At the next chicken shop, they had a tray of marylands which were quite large, two would have been enough, but if I was wrong I would have caught it, so purchased four of them, better too much than too little.. [At My Table]

    When I got home D said that two would have been enough and so the excess marylands were consigned to the fridge.. [At My Table]

    We had decided this week not to buy any meat as the freezer was groaning full, but there was nothing defrosted to cook, so a quick look in the fridge revealed the marylands, but how to have them?. [At My Table]

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