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Definitions of "masses"

  • Plural form of mass. noun
  • People, especially a large number of people noun
  • The total population. noun
  • The lower classes or all but the elite. noun
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of mass. verb
  • the common people generally noun

The word "masses" in example sentences

This kind of vile parading of corporate interests, fear, and propaganda to further expand the stranglehold of industry over the health and welfare of the masses is a disgrace.. [Think Progress » Health Care Industry Front Group Cheers Death Of The Public Option With Large Washington Post Ad]

Cherry picking verses to incite the masses is a practice all too common in religion.. [This Fall, the Good Book Goes Green: A Review of The Green Bible]

As the word masses is commonly used, it suggests agglomerations of poor and underprivileged people, labouring people, proletarians, and it means nothing like that; it means simply the majority.. [this lights my soul on fire « Love | Peace | Ohana]

As to what we call the masses, and common men, — there are no common men.. [Representative Men]

The education of the masses is the solution to many of our difficulties, as you have pointed out and the answer which we might expect from you, of course, is BOOKS.. [Our Lady of the Snows, Her Mother and Her Children]

As to what we call the masses and common men—there are no common men.. [Uses of Great Men]

Howsomever, I thought you was dead set against aristocrats anyway -- your pol'tics was for what you call masses, -- not classes, nor asses neither.. [God's Good Man]

As to what we call the masses, and common men; -- there are no common men.. [Representative Man (1850)]

A discrepancy between size and dates because of polyhydramnios in fetuses with giant neck masses is a common indication for ultrasonography, leading to prenatal diagnosis.. [Giant Neck Masses (GNM), Cervical Teratoma]

That they now enjoy plush lifestyles compared to the masses is no different to the Communist Party members in the USSR.. [Thanks For Telling Me What I Think « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG]

Good luck with that around these parts anyone who raises an opinion different than the masses is frequently subject to the wrath of the masses.. [Think Progress » Church Uses Marquee To Speak Out Against Beck: ‘Sorry Mr Beck, Jesus Preached Social Justice’]

Regarding anonymity on this and certain other blogs, you must take into consideration a sad but true reality: anyone who wields significant power (manuscript acquisition, high-profile reviews) in the careers of the unpublished and midlist masses is not ever going to have many public dissenters.. [Publishers and bloggers]

The heat up the uneducated, dissatisfied masses is dangerous as should not be used by opportunists such as Sarah Palin and her friends.. [Clinton warns against violent anti-government attitude]

After this time Aikido became very fragmented with everyone wanting to start their own organisations, which resulted in masses of self-grading and silly undeserved titles.. [Aikido in the UK – the Beginning « English Lesson Plans « Free Lesson Plans « Literacy News]

… … No, its deliberately stirring something up in order to divert the attention of the masses from the economic disaster that our government is forcing upon us.. [Purple Pain « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG]

No, its deliberately stirring something up in order to divert the attention of the masses from the economic disaster that our government is forcing upon us.. [Purple Pain « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG]

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