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What does the word matchets mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word matchets in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with matchets and anagrams of matchets.

Definitions of "matchets"

  • Plural form of matchet. noun

The word "matchets" in example sentences

He said in the fight people were using local and crude weapons such as matchets, arrows, bows and stones.. [AllAfrica News: Latest]

Upon the Congo they must eat no cooked food, living wholly upon roots and edibles; but they are allowed to enter the villages for provisions, and here they often appear armed with matchets, bayonets, and wooden swords.. [Two Trips to Gorilla Land and the Cataracts of the Congo]

The sunburst of dawn was at its gaudiest when he came within sight of the tents and he caught the glint of sun on the bare matchets of the clearing gang as the men prepared for the day's work.. [The Plunderer]

They should also bring a supply of matchets, hoes, &c., and garden seed.. [The Liberian Exodus. An Account of Voyage of the First Emigrants in the Bark "Azor," and Their Reception at Monrovia, with a Description of Liberia--Its Customs and Civilization, Romances and Prospects.]

The return of the Krumen repeats the spectacles of Sinou, and war being here chronic, the canoe-men come off armed with guns, swords, and matchets.. [To The Gold Coast for Gold, Vol. II A Personal Narrative]

They advance with two long knives, generally matchets, one held between the teeth.. [To The Gold Coast for Gold, Vol. II A Personal Narrative]

Half a dozen Kru-boys with their matchets can open, at the rate of some miles a day, a path fit to carry a. [To The Gold Coast for Gold, Vol. II A Personal Narrative]

Orun Local Government Area and a Second Republic Senator, Chief Lawrence Agunbiade (a. k.a LACO) escaped death by the whiskers as he was attacked by some people suspected to be thugs with guns and matchets.. [AllAfrica News: Latest]

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