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A material is a chemical substance or mixture of substances that constitute an object. Materials can be pure or impure, a singular composite or a complex mix, living or non-living matter, whether natural or man-made, either concrete or abstract. Materials can be classified based on different properties such as physical and chemical properties (see List of materials properties), geological, biological, choreographical, or philosophical properties. In the physical sense, materials are studied in the field of materials science. In industry, materials are inputs to production or manufacturing processes. They may either be raw material, that is, unprocessed, or processed before being used in more advanced production processes, either by distillation or synthesis (synthetic materials). Types of materials include: Biomaterial, of biological origin Composite material, composed of multiple materials with differing physical properties Textiles, sometimes referred to as "material" Genetic material.

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  • Plural form of material. noun

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Anyone who decides to publish personal materials on a blog for the entire world to see implicitly relinquishes his right to privacy * as pertains to those materials*. reply. [Anti-Jotspot/Google Post Deleted Under Pressure]

For example, it takes 3 × 1010 joules of energy to produce one cubic metre of Portland cement, but six and 29 times as much to produce the same volume of polystyrene plastic and stainless steel respectively. 1 In materials development efforts, a shift towards the production of “low energy materials” has recently been observed.. [Chapter 6]

Additionally, the label materials have excellent resistance to harsh fluxes, cleaning agents, saponifiers and wave solder environments, and resist all commonly used methods of cleaning.. []

It was difficult because like many other villages, this one does not always vote 100% for the ruling Party of the institutional Revolution (PRI), and the rural self-help agency that doles out the materials is a creature of the government.. [How ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm?]

Then followed the German seizure of what they called materials for war.. [History of the World War An Authentic Narrative of the World's Greatest War]

The nice thing about felted materials is that they stick to rough surfaces, such as this ancient beast of a tree.. [“Reserve A King His Space”]

We should expect that, as they learn from their experiences, publishers will quickly move their materials from the one-dimensional approach that mirrors traditional print books to more sophisticated and multi-dimensional resources.. [Contributors]

The lack of access to these materials is a big reason that chinese universities have been slow to crack the top 200, it takes a lot of time, and not just money, to develop the non-prestigious support network that is necessary for a prestige university.. [Matthew Yglesias » What Really Matters in Higher Education]

China right now has * huge* problems with overinvestment in materials production as well as serious problems with people trying to hoard copper, rice, and even garlic in hopes of sparking local artificial supply shortages.. [Matthew Yglesias » Hugo Chavez, Inflation Hawk]

In 1994, he received a master's degree in materials engineering from the University of Maryland.. [ChengChang 'Chris' Chen, Information Technology Specialist]

In Sydney, the market was supported by gains in materials plays although selling in the financial sector capped its rise.. [Markets Rise Amid Early Election Returns]

Diverting the materials from the trash should save $45,000 more a year.. [Memo to All Staff: Dump Your Trash]

One thing you should research before investing in materials for a water heater is of the opinion that this game diy solar water heater system may not be the best for your country if you live in cold climates.. [solar hot water heater]

For an artist who worked in materials as graceless as cement, disused furniture and broken bits of mass-produced garden sculpture, Mr. Ireland enjoyed an unusually varied audience.. [David Ireland R.I.P]

We also need new reactors that can use the waste materials from the older reactors; get it out of the waste pools.. [Top senators introduce comprehensive energy bill]

Made from leftover materials from a nearby construction site, the pine and oak structure was created for children to indulge in storytelling and playtime.. [Beth Shea | Inhabitat]

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@ProfTrashWheel: Corona is the first major beer brand to roll out 100% plastic free six pack rings. If they end up in our oceans they wi…


@ProfTrashWheel: Corona is the first major beer brand to roll out 100% plastic free six pack rings. If they end up in our oceans they wi…


@hijdbieber Iconic era, the time when jb was so damn boyfriend materials as fuck

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