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A mathematician is someone who uses an extensive knowledge of mathematics in his or her work, typically to solve mathematical problems. Mathematics is concerned with numbers, data, quantity, structure, space, models, and change..

What does the word mathematician mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word mathematician in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with mathematician and anagrams of mathematician.

Definitions of "mathematician"

  • A person skilled or learned in mathematics. noun
  • An expert on mathematics. noun
  • One versed in mathematics. noun
  • One who is versed in mathematics. noun
  • An astrologer. noun
  • a person skilled in mathematics noun

The word "mathematician" in example sentences

Ever hear the quip that a mathematician is a machine for turning coffee into proofs?. [April « 2008 « Imaginary Potential]

Y'know what they call a mathematician who goes south for the winter?. [LEaRning can bE fUn!]

Finally, it’s safe to say the Dembski is not an active researcher in the field of mathematics, and it’s reasonable to limit the scope of the term mathematician to those who are.. [Beckwith, ID and science - The Panda's Thumb]

The tall, blonde mathematician is one of the first women to serve in an operational support role in mission control.. [Women of the Apollo Program]

The best Indian mathematician is probably better than the average American one.. [Indian Labor Productivity, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

Both of Duchin's parents loved numbers, and she knew she wanted to be a mathematician from the tender age of 7.. [Where is she now? Moon Duchin]

Jakob Bernouli, a mathematician from a great family of brilliant people, called the logarithmic spiral spira mirabilis, or "the Miraculous Spiral," so called because the size increases but its shape is unaltered with each successive curve.. [Archive 2007-09-01]

Synopsis: In an alternate post-WWII, a mathematician is imprisoned for his homosexuality.. [REVIEW: Galileo's Children edited by Gardner Dozois]

A mathematician is not a man who can readily manipulate figures; often he cannot.. [As We May Think]

Davis, who -- when she met him, Jefferson Davis 'wife, said that he was as cold and logical as the worst kind of mathematician, which is what he probably should have been.. [The Approaching Fury: Voices of the Storm, 1820-1861]

Among his five hundred or so coauthors was Alfred Renyi, the source of the excellent and truthful quotation “A mathematician is a device for turning coffee into theorems.”. [SuperCooperators]

Of course, I'm neither scientist nor mathematician, which is why I'll be closely following the results of a team of researchers currently studying the methane leaking from the Deepwater Horizon disaster site.. [Jennifer Grayson: Eco Etiquette: Will The BP Oil Spill Worsen Global Warming?]

It doesn't take a mathematician, which is a good thing since the Fix isn't one, to see that the House playing field heading into the November election is both big and heavily tilted in Republicans 'favor.. [The Fix 50: The Battle for House control]

Great Regulars: During his lifetime, Omar Khayyam was best known as a mathematician and astronomer.. [Archive 2009-05-01]

My response when I heard this piece of sexist nonsense: “The mathematician was a hetero woman.”. [The Volokh Conspiracy » How Academics Are Like Teenagers:]

His colleague Alfréd Rényi said, “a mathematician is a machine for turning coffee into theorems”, and Erdős drank copious quantities.. [Cheeseburger Gothic » The Miniburger is back on the grill.]

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  • Character13
  • Hyphenation math e ma ti cian




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