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Matter is the substance of which objects are made. Matter or Matters may also refer to: Matter (philosophy), a concept in philosophy.

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Definitions of "matters"

  • Plural form of matter. noun
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of matter. verb

The word "matters" in example sentences

Well, in the event of a victory in May 2012, the winner commits himself or herself today to proposing that today's loser become his or her Prime Minister, first collaborator, electoral lieutenant -- the name matters little, all that counts is the gesture that would jam the machine of discord.. [Bernard-Henri Lévy: The Art of the Primary]

However, the incident shows the degree to which a name matters to people who will see and perhaps buy the piece.. [Daniel Grant: What's In a (Painting's) Name? Quite a Lot, Actually]

But, to be honest, the label matters less than the fact that I'm who I am.. [Autism Gives Woman An 'Alien View' Of Social Brains]

From the NON-Feminist blogger who knows exactly what she is not and can't figure out why the label matters so much.. [My 100th Post! Marking the Best of 2007]

But I think the label matters, actually, and that it matters a lot: the mainstream media has created a monster called the Patriot Act that has millions of Americans terribly worried about the government in general and the Bush Administration in particular.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » 2004 » September]

So words matter in these sorts of things, and how you define the term matters while the media ought to report aggressively on violence of both sides, there is a qualitative difference between a military operation, at least aimed at rooting out terrorism, and people who strap explosives to their chest and go to bar mitzvahs, and grocery stores and Passover satir's (ph) and blow themselves up.. [CNN Transcript Apr 15, 2002]

We also improved NEAR operator in the CONTAINS predicate to allow users to specify distance between two terms and if the order of the term matters.. [Site Home]

The definition matters because it determines who will benefit from various government programs.. [NYT > Home Page]

Of course the title matters more - as a Liverpool fan I was much more excited by our pursuit of the title in 2008/09 than by our pursuit of fourth place in 2009/10 - but implying that everything other than the battle of the top 2 or 3 is somehow unworthy of interest just seems silly.. [TEAMtalk Football News]

And perhaps the only reason why any of this matters is the bottom line: Beck's ratings have softened over the last year, and advertisers are pulling their dollars away from the program.. [Glenn Beck vs. Fox News: 'Tension' Between Beck Network]

One of the reasons this matters is the aging Baby Boomer population can expect to face age-related vision problems or/and hearing loss.. [Apollo's Daughter :: Speaking of design...]

CARROLL (on camera): They say, yes, this label matters to me, but I'm still going to eat those French fries.. [CNN Transcript Oct 7, 2009]

Not to seem chivalrous or anything, but I believe that the Professor has forthrightly stated that she has a keen interest in what you call matters of "style," so you shouldn't be surprised when that's what she blogs about.. [And the McCain campaign is not giving Obama a pass on the Lipsticked Pig remark.]

The chicanery and shenanigans on the budget for this war and other matters is appalling.. [Think Progress » Bush Refuses To Estimate Future Costs of Iraq War, Violating Federal Law]

LAWRENCE: He wonders why a label matters, wouldn't the machine detect if it was anything bad?. [CNN Transcript Nov 1, 2007]

&c.; yea, what ceremonies, Jewish, popish, heathenish, may they not impose, provided they only hold the foundation, and keep to those essentials which he calls matters of duty?. [The Works of Mr. George Gillespie (Vol. 1 of 2)]

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  • Character7
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