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Definitions of "mattress"

  • A usually rectangular pad of heavy cloth filled with soft material or an arrangement of coiled springs, used as or on a bed. noun
  • An airtight inflatable pad used as or on a bed or as a cushion. noun
  • A closely woven mat of brush and poles used to protect an embankment, a dike, or a dam from erosion. noun
  • A pad on which a person can recline and sleep, usually having an inner section of coiled springs covered with foam or other cushioning material then enclosed with cloth fabric. noun
  • A form of retaining wall used to support foundations or an embankment noun
  • A large pad stuffed with hair, moss, or other suitable soft material, and quilted or otherwise fastened, used as or in a bed, to support the human body while lying down. noun
  • A mass of interwoven brush, poles, etc., to protect a bank from being worn away by currents or waves. noun
  • A bed consisting of a bag filled with straw, hair, moss, sponge, husks, excelsior, or other soft and elastic material, and usually quilted or tacked with transverse cords at short intervals to prevent the contents from slipping. noun
  • In hydraulic engineering, a mat or mass of brushwood, willow rods, light poles, or other like material, roughly woven or tied together and used to form foundations for dikes and jetties, or as aprons, fencing, curtains, or surfacing for dikes, dams, embankments, and similar constructions, either for assisting to hold together loose material or to prevent injury by the erosion of water. noun
  • a large thick pad filled with resilient material and often incorporating coiled springs, used as a bed or part of a bed noun

The word "mattress" in example sentences

Both Berna and Goldberg bristle at the term "mattress," since these patches of floor coverings may have served a variety of purposes.. [ Top Stories]

Heaven and earth are being moved to make sure money in the mattress is the worst possible choice.. [Matthew Yglesias » Olivier Blanchard on the Case for Higher Inflation]

Money in the mattress is the very best choice if assets deflate or if you are denied access to your cash equivalent assets.. [Matthew Yglesias » Olivier Blanchard on the Case for Higher Inflation]

“And to me, the mattress is an investment in that.”. [Ultra-Luxe Beds Sell for More Than the Cost of a Car or College Tuition | Impact Lab]

And, anyone who invests money in their mattress is too stupid to take care of their own retirement.. [Think Progress » Tea party leaders say they would ‘absolutely’ abolish Social Security.]

Make sure you know what size your mattress is before you purchase a bedspread set.. [Next Set | SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles]

Talk of stocking up on basic staples, buying personal protection and hoarding your money in a mattress is not unwarranted.. [Matthew Yglesias » Japan’s 20 Years in the Dolrums Highlights Need for Effective Recovery Policies]

So while editors lament the loss of young readers, they cut down the Sunday comics, separate them into "sections", and wrap them in mattress ads so hard to find that you expect if you do find them they'll be in Bin Laden's hands.. [Elayne Boosler: You Didn't Hear the One About...]

The mattress is thin, but comfortable enough for someone who like a firm mattress.. [being hospitable]

Yesterday, when we moved my toddler to a “big-girl bed” — essentially a twin mattress on the floor of her room — I noted that I need to buy a faceplate to cover up the telephone jack, which is now at her eye level.. [Landlines Are Obsolete in Less Than a Generation]

The mattress is filled with water and there is a special system integrated which can bring the water from 46 to 118 degrees F and the other way around.. [Love Mattress]

Called as ChiliBed, the modern mattress is filled with water and there is a special system integrated which can bring the water from 46 to 118 degrees F and the other way around.. [Love Mattress]

This helps if it turns out your mattress is used ... [Twice upon a mattress: Be wary when buying used bedding]

Check for a “new” mattress tag before buying and again when the mattress is delivered ... [Twice upon a mattress: Be wary when buying used bedding]

The boys frame has been taken apart and their mattress is currently on the floor.. [Wake up. Shower?...No!]

Too bad Lucas would never consider doing something like this, probably because his mattress is stuffed with enough Benjamins and adding anymore would just be ridiculous.. [July 2008]

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  • Character8
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