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A meal is an eating occasion that takes place at a certain time and includes prepared food. The names used for specific meals in English vary greatly, depending on the speaker's culture, the time of day, or the size of the meal. Meals occur primarily at homes, restaurants, and cafeterias, but may occur anywhere. Regular meals occur on a daily basis, typically several times a day. Special meals are usually held in conjunction with such occasions as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, events and holidays. A meal is different from a snack in that meals are generally larger, more varied, and more filling than snacks.The type of meal served or eaten at any given time varies by custom and location. In most modern cultures, three main meals are eaten: in the morning, early afternoon, and evening. Further, the names of meals are often interchangeable by custom as well. Some serve dinner as the main meal at midday, with supper as the late afternoon/early evening meal; while others may call their midday meal lunch and their early evening meal supper. Except for "breakfast", these names can vary from region to region or even from family to family. A study in 2016 by Toluna found that 47% of parents in the United States share fewer meals with their families than when growing up, and 58% wished they could do it more frequently, including 66% of dads..

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Definitions of "meal"

  • The edible whole or coarsely ground grains of a cereal grass. noun
  • A granular substance produced by grinding. noun
  • The food served and eaten in one sitting. noun
  • A customary time or occasion of eating food. noun
  • Food that is prepared and eaten, usually at a specific time (e.g. breakfast = morning meal, lunch = noon meal, etc). noun
  • The coarse-ground edible part of various grains often used to feed animals; flour. noun
  • A speck or spot. noun
  • To defile or taint. verb
  • A part; a fragment; a portion. noun
  • The portion of food taken at a particular time for the satisfaction of appetite; the quantity usually taken at one time with the purpose of satisfying hunger; a repast; the act or time of eating a meal noun
  • Grain (esp. maize, rye, or oats) that is coarsely ground and unbolted; also, a kind of flour made from beans, pease, etc.; sometimes, any flour, esp. if coarse. noun
  • Any substance that is coarsely pulverized like meal, but not granulated. noun
  • To sprinkle with, or as with, meal. verb-transitive
  • To pulverize. verb-transitive
  • To grind into meal or the state of meal; pulverize: as, mealed powder.—2. To sprinkle with meal, or mix meal with.
  • To yield or produce meal; be productive in meal: applied to grain: as, the barley does not meal well this year.
  • To apportion food to; provide with meals or food; feed; fodder.
  • Apparently, to defile or taint.
  • The edible part of any kind of grain or pulse ground to a powder or flour; flour: as, oatmeal, bean-meal. noun

The word "meal" in example sentences

Three main types of maize meal are marketed in developing countries: whole meal; partly de-germed meal (i.e. meal from which part of the bran and germ has been removed) which is designated under various names (e.g. partly sifted meal, bolted meal, roller meal (Zambia)); and fully de-germed meal from which most of the bran and germ have been removed and which is also designated as “super-sifted meal”.. [Chapter 4]

With such a cultural diversity, the meal is a mouthwatering blend of Asian, Italian, Indian and American treats that push the stresses of the hospital to the side and tightens the bonds between colleagues used to unrelenting stress.. [Kari Henley: Family Meals: The Forgotten Ritual]

While this meal is an extreme example of culinary excess, its description is a good preparation for accounts of the food traditions that developed during the Viceregal period and on into the nineteenth century in Mexico.. [The Mexican kitchen: a taste for all seasons]

Simply being able to cook a meal is a skill that's disappearing, and it costs people a fortune to eat out all the time.. [First Year Home]

But at the same time, I can't help but relate its title to Burroughs 'THE NAKED LUNCH, and parse it as an image of confrontation with reality, an image of that moment of recognition that the "simulacra" of a meal is actually the "objective reality" of a dead animal. posted by Hal Duncan | 5: 02 AM. [Notes on Strange Fiction: Postmodern(ism)]

“Mother, this meal is a work of art!” he would exclaim, holding his plate up to the light, as if making an offering to the gods, while she smiled shyly, inwardly pleased that she could offer this one thing to the wondrous man who was her son.. [2007 October « Becca’s Byline]

That's what we call the meal experience here, as in Who wants to go to sadness?. [Mudville Gazette]

The tone of Mr. Urdang's article makes me think he may have been suffering from the temporary effects of a less well-prepared repast, which someone called a meal and set before him with a "There you go!" and a "Have a good day!". [VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly Vol V No 4]

This meal is just one of those perfect ones - minimal or no stovetop required, only a microwave, and the whole thing is a great way to embrace the gifts of the Summer season provided that you have a productive season.. [Archive 2009-08-01]

A passing insistence on detail – every meal is described, and even the trials of travelling Ryanair get a mention – helps chain a sometimes scatty book to earth.. [La carte et le territoire by Michel Houellebecq – review]

My camps favorite meal is Bisuits and Gravy with hashbrowns, eggs, and beef jerky.. [Get Your Hunting Camp Featured in F&S!]

Camp meal is whatever I put in the Crockpot --- venison chili, lasagnae, chicken stew, venison steak stroganoff, etc.. [Get Your Hunting Camp Featured in F&S!]

Our favorite camp meal is on the first night my grandpa brings out pollenta (with lots of cheese and butter) and red sauce and either partridge or venison.. [Get Your Hunting Camp Featured in F&S!]

The only disappointing thing about this meal is that I am about to go (may already be there when this publishes) out of town to Chicago to see U2 (twice!) and so I cannot make it again the next night.. [Feta Cheese With Eggs, Peppers, Zucchini, & Tomatoes]

By keeping the proportion of veggies to meat in favor of the veggies, and by using a healthy vegetable oil combined with a healthy white meat like white chicken meat or pork tenderloin, this meal is mega healthy.. [Archive 2009-02-01]

The guest list for the meal is short, but the table groans under a rarely seen combination of Caribbean and Irish standards.. [Beach Road]

Meal Translates

TurkishMeal English to Turkish Translate
i. yemek, öğün; yemek zamanı. meal ticket yemek kartı; A.B.D., (argo) geçim kaynağı.i. yemek, öğün; yemek zamanı. meal ticket yemek kartı; A.B.D., (argo) geçim kaynağı.

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  • Pronunciations(mēl)
  • Character4
  • Hyphenation meal




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