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Definitions of "meaningless"

  • Having no meaning or significance. adjective
  • Lacking meaning adjective
  • insignificant. adjective
  • having no meaning; of no value. Opposite of meaningful. adjective
  • Having no meaning; destitute of sense or significance.
  • having no meaning or direction or purpose adjective

The word "meaningless" in example sentences

As Greenwald points out, the use of the 'anti-Semitism' charge against ordinary every day non-bigotted people who just don't agree with some policy of Israel or of the American Enterprise Institute risks making the term meaningless and cheapening it, which can hardly be good for the Jews.. [Palestine Blogs aggregator]

There are some who are more successful than others, but I find the term meaningless as regards publishing and writing.. [OF Blog of the Fallen]

'' But I don't believe in the term meaningless friendly.. [ESPNsoccernet]

In its designation report, the commission cited as important the very elements it then permitted to be irrevocably altered, rendering the designation meaningless.. [Roberta Brandes Gratz: When Is a Landmark A Landmark?]

But, Obeid said the NCP is not interested in what he described as meaningless threats and ultimatums from the opposition.. [Sudan Ruling Party Dismisses Opposition Strike Threat]

The Liberty Times report said that many of the associations are angry that they are being coerced to participate in what they called a meaningless event.. [Archive 2006-04-01]

It's not just that the NFL Players Association has warned teams, agents and players that it considers the tag "meaningless" since there's currently no collective bargaining agreement after March 3.. [NY Daily News]

Larry Forgione -- a celebrity chef before the Food Network rendered the term meaningless -- was one of the first restaurateurs to forge relationships directly with farmers and ranchers (and while he was at it, he invented the .... [Riverfront Times | Complete Issue]

How many marriages like that have there been and how on earth do they increase the sanctity of marriage rather than render the term meaningless? ". [ - Comments]

If it all works, if the other losses can be buried long enough to become meaningless is impossible to predict.. [Matthew Yglesias » The Bonanza]

When someone isn't requiring something of them, they want to party and lose all sense of time, or just engage in meaningless talking or silliness.. [Thoughts of Home]

Of course, the names being meaningless is mentioned (Ms. Valente did, apparently, do some research):. [How To Kill My Interest as a Reader]

Boutin said, I think one of the big reasons relationships were so strained and observations were so meaningless is because few of the administrators had real experience in the classroom.. [Teacher/blogger critiques highly ranked school]

It essentially invites anyone, theist and atheist alike, to plug in meaningless numbers and arrive at a meaningless result.. [The Odds of God | Heretical Ideas Magazine]

The problem is that EMH is not just wrong (which it is), but that it is also meaningless from a public policy perspective because it has nothing to say about how to deal with the very real fact that we get cycles where excessively high asset prices are created and then collapse suddenly, leading to economically inefficient total cycle production.. [Matthew Yglesias » 20/20 Vision is Accurate]

If dumb and blind interest in the meaningless is what we've come to ... then Palin is like a duck in the water.. [Palin to visit Fort Hood during book tour]

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"If you're not there... It's meaningless without you!"


words are meaningless and forgettable


@PoxNewsCEO It was on sky news live here, honestly, I tried but couldn’t listen to the drivel, meaningless words, b…

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  • Character11
  • Hyphenation meaningless


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