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Definitions of "measures"

  • Plural form of measure. noun
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of measure. verb

The word "measures" in example sentences

I told him, in the course of our conversation, that I held myself engaged to support the measures of the body of the Whigs, and deprecated any precipitate resolution, unless there was reason to imagine that _measures_ would be changed.. [Memoirs of the Courts and Cabinets of George the Third From the Original Family Documents, Volume 1 (of 2)]

President Obama opposes additional short term measures to keep the government running.. [Obama, Congressional Leaders Narrow Differences, Still No Agreement]

While Schlesinger agrees with Merkel's appraisal that no short term measures can work, she adds that the financial crisis gripping Europe, "requires a coordinated effort among the 17 eurozone countries, one which admits that the survival of the EU requires the stronger economies to bail out the weaker ones - sorry Germany!". [Breaking News: CBS News]

The problem is that they are taking short term measures without fixing the problem which is that a sustained and sustainable growth rate of 1% per year with a bit of luck blows their public finances out of the water.. [The Guardian World News]

"We've had enough short term measures, sticking plasters that just get us through the next few weeks," British finance minister George Osborne told reporters on Saturday.. [Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion]

The word "measures" is taken to mean sanctions, and the Russians wanted it either replaced with something like "steps" or removed altogether.. [ - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph]

The party is also trying to blend an argument on the economy, setting out short term measures to increase demand, and map out the longer term changes designed to reshape of the economy.. [The Guardian World News]

Despite the fact most historic homes are already well insulated and cool in the summer, the rules encourage insulation and waste of resources by encouraging short term measures like plastic windows.. [ - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph]

Well, in fact if you look at the impact of the Recovery Act or some of the kinds of measures the president has presented - so, for example, rehiring teachers, trying to help prevent layoffs of folks in that sector, rebuilding schools, highways - those are the only short term measures that have actually worked to get people back to work, so I just don't see any there there.. [NPR Topics: News]

Yeah, some of them are short term measures and not people you'd build a team around but beyond RVP who i feel a bit sorry for and Vermallin, there is no real solid experience or leadership in the team.. [BBC Ouch Blog]

The sentence was passed by an anti-corruption court formed by President Musharraf as part of what he termed measures to cleanse politics.. [BBC News - Home]

And he said, let me see, oh, he said that 'if he didn't see an alteration very soon he should resort to more drastic measures' -- drastic measures is Latin for a whopping. ". [Vice Versa or A Lesson to Fathers]

Therefore, alarmism and/or the call for draconian counter-measures is unwarranted.. [About: Blinded by Science]

If you deny anthropomorphic climate change, then obviously a discussion of remedial measures is irrelevant.. [About: Blinded by Science]

Rather than short-term measures to reduce temporarily the cost of fuel, we need a long-term strategy to make our transport system more efficient and wean the UK off oil.. [Letters: We must end our dependence on oil]

With no fatal crashes of scheduled U.S. airliners in four of the past five years, and other, longer-term measures also showing steady declines, safety experts now focus on new approaches to anticipate and counter incipient hazards.. [The New Frontier in Air Safety]

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@Nehr_who: MamataDi cancelled her rallies for 2 days to take pre-emptive measures for her State from the #CycloneFani Mr. Modi continu…


@mxdric: This was 4 seasons ago. This is why trophies aren’t how success should be measures in football. What Klopp has done at Liverp…


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@mxdric: This was 4 seasons ago. This is why trophies aren’t how success should be measures in football. What Klopp has done at Liverp…


@mxdric: This was 4 seasons ago. This is why trophies aren’t how success should be measures in football. What Klopp has done at Liverp…

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