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Definitions of "melody"

  • A pleasing succession or arrangement of sounds. noun
  • Musical quality: the melody of verse. noun
  • Music A rhythmically organized sequence of single tones so related to one another as to make up a particular phrase or idea. noun
  • Music Structure with respect to the arrangement of single notes in succession. noun
  • Music The leading part or the air in a composition with accompaniment. noun
  • A poem suitable for setting to music or singing. noun
  • tune; sequence of notes that makes up a musical phrase noun
  • A sweet or agreeable succession of sounds. noun
  • A rhythmical succession of single tones, ranging for the most part within a given key, and so related together as to form a musical whole, having the unity of what is technically called a musical thought, at once pleasing to the ear and characteristic in expression. noun
  • The air or tune of a musical piece. noun
  • In general, a succession of agreeable musical sounds; sweet sound; song; tune; music. noun
  • Specifically In music: A succession of tones, whether pleasing or not. noun
  • The underlying relationship may be variously established: by any particular rhythmic arrangement, as in some popular dance-tunes; by the intervals of a single chord, as in arpeggio phrases; by a diatonic order, as in scale passages; by the harmonic connections between successive chords of which the melody in question forms one of the voice-parts, as in simple choral writing; and by innumerable modifications and combinations of these and similar principles. noun
  • A melody is authentic when its compass extends about an octave upward from its key-note or final, plagal when its compass extends about a half-octave above and below the key-note and final. It is diatonic when it uses only the proper tones of the scale in which it is written, chromatic when it uses other tones, foreign to that scale. It is concrete or conjunct when it proceeds by single degrees, upward or downward; discrete or disjunct when it proceeds by steps of more than a single degree. It is syllabic when but one tone is given to each syllable of the words; slurred when more than one tone is given to a syllable. A melody may be further described as popular, national, artistic, etc. noun
  • A melodious or tuneful poem; a poetical composition suitable for singing. noun
  • a succession of notes forming a distinctive sequence noun
  • the perception of pleasant arrangements of musical notes noun

The word "melody" in example sentences

The melody flows or soars like the song of a bird, because it is the free expression, not of musical fantasy, as such (the unconscious play of tonal fancy), but the flow of _melody_, _song_, the soaring of spirit in some one particular direction, floating upon buoyant pinions, and in directions well conceived and sure.. [A Popular History of the Art of Music From the Earliest Times Until the Present]

They start with an instrumental prelude where the main melody is played on the harmonium, accompanied by the tabla, and which may include improvised variations of the melody.. [The Qawwals and Qawwali « bollywoods most wanted photographerno1]

The main melody is quite pretty, and the beat is one that could definitely work on the dancefloor.. [When the Ceiling Has Become the Sky (Music (For Robots))]

These charming verses of the ninth century were probably sung to music having little of the movement which we now associate with the term melody, but which was more of a chant-like character.. [A Popular History of the Art of Music From the Earliest Times Until the Present]

The senses of Queen Anne Englishmen were charmed by what they called the melody of Pope's verse -- by its even regularity and steady flow.. [Robert Browning: How to Know Him]

Another lullaby with scary lyrics and an enchanting melody is the Shimabara Lullaby, roughly translated by Hanako Tokita as:. [Global Voices in English » Global Lullabies: The Arrorró Project]

When he played his solo improvisation, on the beautiful George Gershwin melody I was truly caught up.. [Max Lucas: A Performance of a Life Time «]

But actually, a closer analogy might be an artist sampling a lyric or reworking the melody from a song, rather than covering the song itself.. [Matthew Yglesias » Intellectual Property Gone Mad]

The chant melody is maintained but with organ and polyphonic harmonies.. [Easter Week]

The melody is lifted from an old English drinking song.. [Question of the Day]

Scripture says that the melody is to be in our heart.. [I did it « Dating Jesus]

(Soundbite of song, "") Mr. MALO: (Singing in Spanish) HANSEN: You said that a great melody is the most important part of a song and you pointed to people like, oh, Sinatra, Patsy Cline, Ray Charles, I mean, all the melodies that they sang.. [Raul Malo Shows His Range On 'Sinners And Saints']

And the melody is so monotonous, it makes me want to scream!. ['Prep & Landing' star Sarah Chalke shares her least favorite holiday song. What's yours? |]

She's tangible like a melody is tangible, I must imagine the shapes she makes.. [The Boy from Thuringia]

“Bring It Back”: Here we have a collaboration between Kris and London-based tunesmith Eg White (“Chasing Pavements”), and the melody is preposterously gorgeous.. [Kris Allen song snippets: Let's rank 'em from best to not-so-best! |]

As the song hit the three-quarter mark, Seeger swapped with Springsteen, letting The Boss hit the main melody as he took the 'tween moments to presage the next line quickly, neatly and with such a breezy effervescence that you easily forgot that he was 89 years old — until you remembered he's had that white beard for the entire forty years since you first saw him on “The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour”.. [Every Voice Lifted And Singing]

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