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Definitions of "membrane"

  • noun
  • A thin, pliable layer of tissue covering surfaces or separating or connecting regions, structures, or organs of a living organism. noun
  • A semipermeable layer that bounds a cell or an organelle, typically consisting of lipids and proteins. noun
  • A thin, pliable sheet or layer of natural or synthetic material. noun
  • A piece of parchment. noun
  • A thin sheet of natural or synthetic material that is permeable to substances in solution. noun
  • A thin pliable expansive structure of the body; an expansion of any soft tissue or part in the form of a sheet or layer, investing or lining some other structure or connecting two or more structures. noun
  • In entomology, specifically, the membranous terminal part of a hemielytrum; the membrane of the fore wing of a hemipter. See cut under clavus. noun
  • A skin prepared for being written on. noun
  • A thin layer or fold of tissue, usually supported by a fibrous network, serving to cover or line some part or organ, and often secreting or absorbing certain fluids. noun
  • a membrane connecting parts not usually connected, or of a different texture from the ordinary connection; as, the membrane of a cicatrix. noun
  • See under Retina. noun
  • the membranes lining passages and cavities which communicate with the exterior, as well as ducts and receptacles of secretion, and habitually secreting mucus. noun
  • See Schneiderian. noun
  • , the membranes, like the peritoneum and pleura, which line, or lie in, cavities having no obvious outlet, and secrete a serous fluid. noun
  • A flexible enclosing or separating tissue forming a plane or film and separating two environments (usually in a plant or animal). noun
  • A mechanical, thin, flat flexible part that can deform or vibrate when excited by an external force. noun
  • A flexible or semi-flexible covering or waterproofing whose primary function is to exclude water. noun
  • a thin pliable sheet of material noun

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