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The word "memoriter" in example sentences

Nothing in this case better than study; semper aliquid memoriter ediscant, saith Piso, let them learn something without book, transcribe, translate, &c. Read the ❋ Unknown (2007)

His quotations from the Psalms, memoriter, are more accurate than others. ❋ 1819-1893 (2001)

[3113] The words are loosely quoted memoriter, as is the custom with ❋ 1819-1893 (2001)

* Ut ventum est ad horam profitendae fidei quae verbis certis conceptis retentisque memoriter, de loco eminentiore, in conspectu populi fidelis, Romae reddi solet ab eis qui accessuri sunt ad gratiam tuam, oblatum esse dicebat Victorino a presbyteris, ut secretius redderet, sicut nonnullis qui verecundia trepidaturi videbantur, offerri mos erat; illum autem maluisse salutem suam in conspectu sanctae multitudinis profiteri. ❋ 1616-1683 (1967)

The Druids on the continent never committed their mysteries to writing, but taught their pupils _memoriter_. ❋ John Delafield (N/A)

Hariolare. edepol senem Demaenetum lepidum fuisse nobis: 580 ut adsimulabat Sauream med esse quam facete! nimis aegre risum contini, ubi hospitem inclamavit, quod se absente mihi fidem habere noluisset. ut memoriter me Sauream vocabat atriensem. ❋ Titus Maccius Plautus (1919)

Egomet mihi non credo, cum illaec autumare illum audio; hic quidem certe quae illic sunt res gestae memorat memoriter. sed quid ais? quid Amphitruoni doni a Telobois datum est? ❋ Titus Maccius Plautus (1919)

Em istuc si potes memoriter meminisse, inest spes nobis in hac astutia. ❋ Titus Maccius Plautus (1919)

The complaints of educators that learning does not enter into character and affect conduct; the protests against memoriter work, against cramming, against gradgrind preoccupation with "facts," against devotion to wire-drawn distinctions and ill-understood rules and principles, all follow from this state of affairs. ❋ Unknown (1916)

Page 18 problems and long memoriter lessons, cast a shadow across my happy life on the farm; but even these had their compensation in baseball or shinney at recess and during the long noon intermission. ❋ Berrien McPherson (1912)

He knew the whole of it memoriter, as I afterwards learned. ❋ Unknown (1912)

The Bible was his one book of unfailing interest, and he knew it and the Shorter Catechism memoriter. ❋ Unknown (1912)

Evidently it was a memoriter sermon, for I heard him deliver it in later years and he did not vary in a word, a sentence or a climax. ❋ Unknown (1912)

This does not mean that the memoriter work should be excluded. ❋ William Chandler Bagley (1910)

Nor does he preach memoriter, as far as the language of his addresses is concerned. ❋ Grenville Kleiser (1910)

_The great objection to memoriter speaking is that it limits and handicaps the speaker. ❋ Grenville Kleiser (1910)

We ridicule the memoriter methods of Chinese education and yet we sometimes forget that Chinese education has done something that no other system of education, however well planned, has even begun to do in the same degree. ❋ William Chandler Bagley (1910)

They would tend to place a premium upon that type of instruction that develops initiative in solving problems, instead of encouraging the memoriter methods that tend to crush whatever germs of initiative the pupil may possess. ❋ William Chandler Bagley (1910)

This expressed itself chiefly in a diminution of the time given to memoriter work in religion, and the introduction in its place of work in German history and geography, with some work in natural science. ❋ Ellwood Patterson Cubberley (1904)

"When I looked back on [last summer] I have a couple of [gigs] worth of memorites." "Wow [that's a lot]." ❋ Nestry (2008)

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