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Definitions of "menu-driven"

  • Of or relating to a type of GUI in which commands are issued by making selections from onscreen menus. adjective

The word "menu-driven" in example sentences

The menu-driven controls for Hupigon are in Chinese, and the kit ismarketed primarily onChinese languagecriminal forums.. [Google-style cyberattack found on Chinese government site]

Combined with the three-way toggle that modulates engine response (Normal, Sport and Sport Plus) and a six-position switch that gradually ramps up the aggressiveness of the transmission behavior, the M3 is as menu-driven and preference-enabled as Adobe Photoshop.. [A Fun Screamer Dragging an Anchor]

SAS – before it became all menu-driven, back when you had to write the “programs” to tell it what analyses to do – used to require you to end your list of commands with “cards;” a throwback to the punchcard days.. [ » Old-school computing at its finest]

Actual, physical channels tune to #232 for NBC will probably go away as well, replaced by menu-driven content categories – much the way On Demand is structured now.. [Drowning upstream « BuzzMachine]

Upon selection of a merchant, users are guided step-by-step through the m-commerce transaction via a menu-driven interface.. [Archive 2009-10-01]

That's obvious, because most of the controls for still shooting appear to be menu-driven with very few accessible through buttons and controls.. [PMA09: JVC Everio X: This HD camcorder shoots hi-res stills—with some effort]

Other slick design features: a backlit LCD panel, a menu-driven interface and side-mounted volume/menu scroll keys.. [Talk About Small Talk]

Using narrowband PCS technology and a simple menu-driven interface, this device allows you to easily send and receive e-mail directly from the pager unit to anyone with an e-mail connection -- including other pager users.. [Mini Mail]

User friendly, menu-driven access to features and options. [Samsung A637 is the Samsung “Milky” « Boy Genius Report]

After installation, Kinoma Play seems to totally take over the device's multimedia functions, hiding every trace of Windows Mobile's clunky, antiquated, menu-driven operating system.. [Better Media Navigation for Your Mobile]

Intuitive menu-driven interface – makes placing and receiving enterprise calls and accessing desk phone functionality amazingly simple.. [RIM Introduces BlackBerry Mobile Voice System for Seamless Enterprise Voice Integration « Boy Genius Report]

GenderStats is an electronic database of gender statistics and indicators designed with user-friendly, menu-driven features.. [New Bibliography: Conflict Termination in the Iraq War 2003 « ResourceShelf]

Both these places are designed to connect to the web There has internal/menu-driven links, and AW's interface is built within a webbrowser, which means that you can easily tie them to wiki's or other systems of persistent storage.. [Virtual (Wikipediac) Worlds?]

INSTALLATION The AST Utilities Diskette provides menu-driven automatic installation of the third floppy device drivers into the CONFIG. SYS file.. [AST Research Technical Bulletin #0428B PREMIUM/286 AND 386 THIRD FLOPPY SUPPORT]

The “menu-driven”, user-oriented character of the software opens possibilities for these individuals to learn a valuable skill.. [Chapter 6]

(Login: new) - Hpcwire telnet hpcwire. or telnet offers: Excellent menu-driven information searches.. [Young Churchill]

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