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What do we mean by menzie?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word menzie. Define menzie, menzie synonyms, menzie pronunciation, menzie translation, English dictionary definition of menzie.

Menzie is a lovely, caring, confident man who will do anything for his friends. But all the ladies will talk about him at school. What can you say he's a ladies man! But with all with respect he was quite a nerd but in a good way. Urban Dictionary

Famous guy in Brisbane, Australia. Has a massive gang of young boys who will do anything for him, from kissing his arse, to cleaning egg of his car. Menzies is synonymous for his personality changes and is often regarded to as Menzo, Akon & Hazrat. Menzies has great intellectual capability but he is also a sex addict who can not say no to a good blowie or handie. I think so highly of Menzies i'll let my sister marry him. Urban Dictionary

Screwed over by another's unwitting incompetence Urban Dictionary

It meansz menace basically. Urban Dictionary

A man that is more woman than man. Often experiences menstrual cramps with no bleeding at all from his small penis. He often finds that when he passes a Jeep on the road he loses another girlfriend. Urban Dictionary

A sly creature that never stops thinking about sex and only comes/cums out at night! plus he is a sexaholic virgin! plus hes a retard lol just kiddin Urban Dictionary

1. An incurable disease generally contracted from unprotected sex with people of ill repute. 2. A general expression of disgust or disappointment. Urban Dictionary

Skinny and Beautiful Urban Dictionary

This is a word used by people on the street to describe a person being slick or acting not normal. Urban Dictionary

Giving a handjob with steelwool, or period sex. Urban Dictionary

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The word "menzie" in example sentences

I saw the Lady’s brow turn pale, and then black, when, before all the menzie, and in her moment of power, the Queen humbled her to the dust by taxing her with her shame. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Menzie is a [very helpful] [individual] ❋ Menzie (2017)

Why [everytime] [i go] to Svoboda Park, all the girls are only talking about [menzies]? ❋ UCSM (2008)

I thought I'd have that [report] in [on time], but Joe menzied it when he rebooted the computer [without warning]. ❋ Francest (2005)

[Jim]: He is a real [menzy] Bob: [Alie] ❋ Menzy Eduardo (2008)

Did you see [that guy] in the [BMW]? [What a] Menzies! ❋ Codymitt (2011)

[ahh] its a menzies! the [foul beast]! ❋ Andrew (who Could That Be) (2006)

I [banged] her and now I have the Menzies. [My house] just [burned] down. Menzies! ❋ Funnyguy9333 (2011)

[Gemma Menzies] is [a Skinny] and [Beautiful girl] ❋ Jimmy8642 (2014)

[Osayi] got very [messed up] and started acting like a slick menzie by [robbing] lil kids. ❋ Chris Kirby (2006)

bro did you hear that emily gave him a dirty [menzies] last [Saturday]? you don't even need to tell me, that's [common knowledge] and happens all the time. ❋ Biggienuts (2021)

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