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Definitions of "mere"

  • Being nothing more than what is specified. adjective
  • Considered apart from anything else. adjective
  • Small; slight. adjective
  • Pure; unadulterated. adjective
  • A small lake, pond, or marsh. noun
  • A pool; a small lake. or pond. noun
  • Absolutely; wholly.
  • Famous.
  • A boundary; boundary-line. noun
  • A balk or furrow serving as a boundary- or dividing-line in a common field; also, a boundary-stone; a merestone. noun
  • A private carriage-road. noun
  • A measure of 29 or 31 yards in the Peak of Derbyshire in England. noun
  • Pure; sheer; unmixed.
  • Absolute; unqualified; utter; whole; in the fullest sense.
  • Sheer; simple; nothing but (the thing mentioned); only: as, it is mere folly to do so; this is the merest trash.
  • A Middle English form of mare. noun
  • In the reticulum or supporting skeleton of the extinct silicious sponges of the family Dictyospongidæ, one of the divisions or meshes produced by the intersection of the primary vertical and horizontal spicular bundles. It is subdivided by the spicules of. subordinate rank into lesser areas or quadrangles—dimeres, tetrameres, hexameres. noun
  • A Maori war-club; a casse-tête, or war-ax, from 12 to 18 inches in length, made of any suitable hard material, as stone, hard wood, or whalebone. Outside of New Zealand the word is only known as the name of a little trinket of greenstone made in imitation of the New Zealand weapon in miniature, mounted in gold or silver, and used as a brooch, locket, ear-ring, or other article of jewelry. noun
  • To limit; bound; divide or cause division in.

The word "mere" in example sentences

The manner in which Sabbatarians emphasize the phrase “My Sabbath,” and “My holy day,” is well calculated to mislead the unsuspecting, but those who are schooled in biblical literature will regard it as mere _rant_, _cheap theology_, _mere display_!. [The Christian Foundation, Or, Scientific and Religious Journal, May, 1880]

Are we to suppose then that the insanity of the third character, the Fool, is, in this respect, a mere repetition of that of the second, the beggar, -- that it too is _mere_ pretence?. [Shakespearean Tragedy Lectures on Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, Macbeth]

Pompilia shone with a glory that mere knowledge could not give (if there were such a thing as _mere_ knowledge).. [Browning as a Philosophical and Religious Teacher]

Ma mere qui me pointe le bouquin de tele le doigt sur un programme "tiens regarde ca devrait t'interesser" ... * pinku mate* "la nuit Gay des Lesbiennes" ... * jete un oeil a sa mere* "faut pas pousser non plus .... [pinku-tk Diary Entry]

Another subject I recently interviewed blamed what he called mere "centa-millionaires" for the breakdown in exclusivity of his elitist world.. [Jamie Johnson: The One Percent]

For his part, Nigerien President Mamadou Tanja has rejected all negotiation with what he describes as mere "armed bandits.". [ANC Daily News Briefing]

To the Christian, on the other hand, or to the modern thinker in general, it is difficult, if not impossible, to attach reality to what he terms mere abstraction; while to Plato this very abstraction is the truest and most real of all things.. [The Republic by Plato ; translated by Benjamin Jowett]

But between cases of what we call mere succession and what is commonly called causal sequence the difference lies merely in the observed fact that in some cases the sequence varies, while in others no exception has ever been discovered.. [Philosophy and Religion Six Lectures Delivered at Cambridge]

From that time death had held for him a more personal promise; and the obligation to live, to fulfil one's present opportunities, had become charged with another meaning than he had been used to read into what he called his mere animal responsibility.. [The Wheel of Life]

But Chauvelin was not the man to trouble himself about these social amenities, which he called mere incidents in his diplomatic career.. [The Scarlet Pimpernel]

But Chauvelin was not the man to trouble himself about these social amenities, which he called mere incidents in his diplomatic career.. [The Scarlet Pimpernel]

"Quite so, Bickley, and now perhaps you see my point, that what you describe as mere vain words may also be helpful to mankind; more so, indeed, than your surgical instruments and pills.". [When the World Shook; being an account of the great adventure of Bastin, Bickley and Arbuthnot]

The perfectly chosen furniture, the elegant appointments of every sort and description, the view from the partly opened windows, the view of winding river and noble trees -- all looked rich and cultivated and lovely; and the Irish girl, as she gazed around, found suddenly a great, fierce hatred rising up in her heart against what she called the mere prettiness.. [Light O' the Morning]

According to the Chinese, music includes that phase of sound which we call mere noise, and the harmonizing of this noise is Chinese art.. [Critical and Historical Essays Lectures delivered at Columbia University]

He did not at all undervalue what he called the mere political connection, but he urged that the root of such a connection lay in the natural affection of the colonies for the land from which they sprang, and their spontaneous desire to reproduce its laws and the spirit of its institutions.. [The Life of William Ewart Gladstone, Vol. 1 (of 3) 1809-1859]

He himself did not care to talk about the real origin of his fortune, for to have revealed it would have prevented him from plainly expressing his opinion of the Crimean War, which he referred to as a mere adventurous expedition, "undertaken simply to consolidate the throne and to fill certain persons 'pockets.". [The Fat and the Thin]

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