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What does the word merriment mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word merriment in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with merriment and anagrams of merriment.

Definitions of "merriment"

  • High-spirited fun and enjoyment; hilarity. noun
  • a state of enjoyable exuberance noun
  • playful fun noun
  • Gayety, with laughter; mirth; frolic. noun
  • The state of being merry or frolicsome; hilarious enjoyment; jollity: as, boisterous merriment. noun
  • The act of making merry; mirthful entertainment; frolic. noun
  • A short comedy or play. noun
  • Synonyms See jolly. noun
  • activities that are enjoyable or amusing noun
  • a gay feeling noun

The word "merriment" in example sentences

I thought it was meet to arouse Maud; but this time I shouted in merriment as I danced about the beach, bareheaded, in mock despair.. [Chapter 29]

Envision remotely controlled party barges bombing down the highway while we eat and drink in merriment entertained by tv, movies, internet, music and my personal crack of choice “information”.. [Smart Mobs » Blog Archive » Cellphones, Driving, and “Inattention Blindness”]

Of course, everyone else nearby will think that the outburst of merriment is muy loco.. [Aqui es México]

She could tell because an expression of merriment, like the expression he had had when he was small and they played games together, came into his face.. [Circles of Stone]

Wholesome merriment is the logical result of a deeply embedded faith, and seriousness is only sad when it becomes superficial.. [Christmas Luncheon]

Wholesome merriment is the logical result of a deeply imbedded faith, and seriousness is only sad when it becomes superficial.. [History of Christmas Music]

I shouted, when I thought it was meet to arouse Maud; but this time I shouted in merriment as I danced about the beach, bareheaded, in mock despair.. [Chapter 29]

Oh, how I longed then for the dear soothings of maternal Nature, as my wounded heart was still further stung by the roar of heartless merriment from the public-house, by the sight of the drunkard reeling home, having lost the memory of what he would find there in oblivious debauch, and by the more appalling salutations of those melancholy beings to whom the name of home was a mockery.. [II.8]

Behind the merriment was a strong current of malice.. [The Fire In His Hands]

The idea which ALMORAN had formed in his imagination, was exceeded by the reality, and his passion was proportionably increased; yet he found means not only to conceal it from HAMET, but from ALMEIDA, by affecting an air of levity and merriment, which is not less incompatible with the pleasures than the pains of love.. [Almoran and Hamet]

And what helped make the merriment was the comforting thought that Tim and his family were eating a Christmas dinner, too!. [Keineth]

His merriment was a pitiful cover for his desperation.. [The False Chevalier or, The Lifeguard of Marie Antoinette]

Ministers at least will recall the merriment that Hugh Latimer made of Master More.. [Mushrooms on the Moor]

Their utterances are always coarse and obscene, causing much merriment, which is supposed to aid the patient in casting off his illness.. [The North American Indian]

The only darkening element in his merriment is his habit of examining it too anxiously.. [Among Famous Books]

The cause of their merriment is a youth of some seventeen summers, evidently the wag of the village, who stands beside them with an accordion in his hand, and relates to them in a half-whisper how he is about to be elected Elder, and what mad pranks he will play in that capacity.. [Russia]

Merriment Translates

TurkishMerriment English to Turkish Translate
i. keyif, cümbüş, eğlenti, şenlik; sevinç, neşe.i. keyif, cümbüş, eğlenti, şenlik; sevinç, neşe.

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Merriment Word Data

  • Pronunciations(mĕrˈĭ-mənt)
  • Character9
  • Hyphenation mer ri ment


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