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Definitions of "meself"

  • Alternative form of myself. pronoun

The word "meself" in example sentences

Well, I calls meself an optimist; I sees the worst of everyfink.. [Complete Project Gutenberg John Galsworthy Works]

Hubba Hubba! no nose, I name meself after mai kitteh, he be Mr. Worf as well. [Licence and resgistraion?! - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?]

I got that meself and have a hard time gettin hoors to lay with me.. [Matthew Yglesias » Requests Thread]

Still, I'm going to give meself the weekend to chill and think about that on Monday.. [Whatever the Fuck You Want]

Pimping for meself: it seems that my story, "The Behold of the Eye" is on the long (and I do mean long) list for the Million Writers Award.. [Pimpage]

I actually considered changing Oliver's name, having slipped up meself a few times while writing the script, typing Oliver in place of Orlando or vice versa.. [Whatever the Fuck You Want]

Szymanski has adopted their soccer team (Arsenal), their cursing (all-purpose), and many more subtle idioms (he still refers to himself as "meself").. [A Studio on the Fast Track]

As for wives an 'childer, who is there savin' meself to care for me old mother that's a widow, as you know well, Michael Behane, that comes from Limerick?. [THE "FRANCIS SPAIGHT"]

As ye know, Sitka Charley, like meself, niver drew first breath in the land; so the sight was new.. [The Men of Forty Mile]

''Twas a square game, Kid,' Lon remarked, rising to his feet and shaking the snow from out his sleeves; 'with a fair percentage to meself that bucked it.'. [The Men of Forty Mile]

Last fall, a year gone, 'twas Sitka Charley and meself saw the sight, droppin 'down the riffle ye'll remember below Fort Reliance.. [The Men of Forty Mile]

But I never wasted meself, Sam, nor kept late hours an 'burned the candle at all ends.. [Chapter II]

"Sure, an 'I couldn't iv done better meself, Hans, if it'd been for you.". [THE UNEXPECTED]

Indade, and I'm an Eldorado king; an 'if ye'll be wantin' the lind iv a tidy bit, it's meself that'll loan it ye.. [CHAPTER I]

It's the sort of subject where I am pretty opinionated meself -- opposed to anything which implies transcendance of the flesh, the whole Cartesian duality of soul and body -- but with the so much depending on how you define your terms, it's the sort of subject where people can be talking at cross-purposes at the best of times.. [Famous in Finland, Fixture in France]

But, still, it felt a tad furtive to present meself as being there off me own bat.. [Archive 2010-06-01]

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just been called spex and am actually foaming a wasn’t clever enough to think of that one meself


@Pink_Chinasa @collinstony15 @SajowaN @RodyDpipper @slimzypearl @Somebodysweetie @Mz_Oladoyin @_Feyola_…


This is why I banned meself from using Speke taxis


@MeCookieMonster: Sent meself cookies today. Dis Valentine’s Day all about self-care.


I was wandering at Instagram and caught meself in this kind of situation.

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