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Definitions of "metaphysical"

  • Of or relating to metaphysics. adjective
  • Based on speculative or abstract reasoning. adjective
  • Highly abstract or theoretical; abstruse. adjective
  • Immaterial; incorporeal. See Synonyms at immaterial. adjective
  • Supernatural. adjective
  • Of or relating to the poetry of a group of 17th-century English poets whose verse is characterized by an intellectually challenging style and extended metaphors comparing very dissimilar things. adjective
  • Of or pertaining to metaphysics. adjective
  • Immaterial, supersensual, not physical (more properly, "beyond" that which is physical). adjective
  • Of or pertaining to metaphysics. adjective
  • According to rules or principles of metaphysics. adjective
  • Preternatural or supernatural. adjective
  • Of or pertaining to metaphysic or metaphysics; in a loose sense, philosophical; hence, highly abstruse; apart from ordinary or practical modes of thought.
  • Relating to real being, and not merely to appearance; transcendental; hence, pertaining to unverifiable hypotheses.
  • Pertaining to abstractions, or modes thought of as objects, and named as if they were things; abstract.
  • Preternatural or supernatural.
  • A whole of comprehension, or a logical term conceived as compounded of its predicates.
  • A whole of comprehension in a more general sense; a natural whole; any whole in which the subject is viewed as the whole of which the predicates are parts.
  • highly abstract and overly theoretical adjective
  • pertaining to or of the nature of metaphysics adjective

The word "metaphysical" in example sentences

The term metaphysical is used here to include anything in your life that has an inwardly energetic and invisible quality, such as:. [ChiWalking]

In addition, the English word "metaphysical" is defined to mean something that is outside the realm of empirical verification.. [Antony Flew dies at 87]

The term metaphysical, originating with Dryden, and used by Johnson with a slight difference, may be easily miscomprehended by any one who chooses to forget its legitimate application both etymologically and by usage to that which comes, as it were, behind or after nature.. [A History of Elizabethan Literature]

There were, in truth, many such theories, and to some of them the term metaphysical, in M. Comte's sense, cannot justly be applied.. [Auguste Comte and Positivism]

In practice the use of the term metaphysical naturalism reduces to the more specific ontological view of scientific naturalism, because science is dependent upon naturalism in order to be able to done.. [CreationWiki - Recent changes [en]]

He said the term metaphysical is often misunderstood and said it's about the power of the mind, not some strange spiritual practice.. [Local News from The Lakeland Ledger]

Ms. Atwood traces a heritage for sci-fi broad enough to include the "traveler's tales" of Herodotus, "scientific romances" like Edward Bellamy's "Looking Backward" and what she calls the "metaphysical romance" of Aldous Huxley.. [The Future of Science Fiction]

One student, Stacy, was struggling with what she referred to as a metaphysical “thorn” in her foot.. [When Animals Speak]

I know the common meanings; ie, the metaphysical is that which cannot in principle be subject to emperical testing; or that the metaphysical is the domain of ultimate ontology and causation; or indeed, that the metaphysical is simply the meta theory of physics.. [Clear Thinking?]

In his book Small Is Beautiful, E.F Schumacher emphasises very strongly that the most important task for our times is not so much an economic reconstruction, although this is vital and necessary, but what he calls a metaphysical reconstruction or a religious reconstruction-looking deeper into our philosophical and metaphysical foundations and seeing what has gone wrong.. [Philosophy will be life-enhancing]

He distinguishes three principal kinds of evil: physical evil, or suffering; moral evil, sin; and what he calls metaphysical evil, that is, the imperfec - tion which is inevitable in finite existence.. [PROBLEM OF EVIL]

He makes war on what he terms the metaphysical conception of a "life-principle" as the key to the problem, and urges the scientific conception of the adequacy of mechanico-chemical forces.. [The Breath of Life]

In his masterly short volume On Drink 1972, Kingsley Amis pinpointed the horrors of what he termed the "metaphysical hangover".. [ - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph]

According to his conclusions, then, all that we term metaphysical science is. [The Critique of Pure Reason]

Of the Lives in this collection, Johnson himself liked best his Life of Cowley, for the thoroughness with which he had examined in it the style of what he called the metaphysical Poets.. [Lives of the English Poets : Waller, Milton, Cowley]

In 2006, Giannoulias was breaking new ground in metaphysical banking.. [TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads]

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