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Definitions of "methodist"

  • One who follows a method. noun

The word "methodist" in example sentences

Was this "methodist" high Tory Thatcherite actually drunk when he dribbled this nonsense out?. [Archive 2007-08-12]

Rev. Marylee Fithian, United Methodist jana fitzgerald, united methodist. [9/11]

And ... this all must be tied into the Rod of Asclepius somehow. (which I first saw on a methodist hospital and was told was the bronze serpent). [Say That Again...?]

The prime minister, the daughter of a methodist lay preacher, added: "Perhaps we could discuss this in cabinet, but I have no doubt that the view will be strongly against.". [Pope's address to parliament vetoed, National Archives files reveal]

Noo I was thinking that wesley, an important figure in the methodist church would have something to say about peace and the cessation of hositlities (sp?) between both sides ... [Think Progress » ADL asserts Gen. Petraeus ‘erred’ in his recent congressional testimony.]

Carole McDonnell 8:04 pm: People call them syncretists because they feel Christianity should be like it is in a methodist or roman catholic church. [Transcript: Non-Western Perspectives « Coyote Con]

One can be a catholic, baptist, methodist, anglecan ect ect.. [Petzal on Palin: Who Thought McCain was That Smart?]

The Penguin asked Bitchney: "What kind of actor are you going to be, a methodist?". [Tallulah Morehead: Big Brother 12 : "One of My Good Dogs," The 8-Second Man]

Many people who are NOT baptist, jewish, muslim, presbyterian, catholic, methodist (or any others that I don't have the space to list here).. [MN-06: Bachmann: "God then called me to run" for Congress]

Sharpton said last Sunday at the First African methodist Episcopal Church of Los Angelse that “I am here because of the disgraceful and the despicable way some elements of the media have tried to destroy the legacy and image of Michael Jackson.”. [Michael Jackson's Death: Who Liked Him, and Who Didn't?]

And the surprise by one who didn't know that a Mormon was running, that a Church elder had died, and thought Mormons were methodist.. [SurveyUSA: Florida GOP Primary Up In The Air]

Hillary used methodist middlenme which's more normal.. [Edwards Defines "Mudslinging" For Hillary]

The fact that no one is clear whether he is baptist or methodist is a good indication that perhaps it has not been a major part of his campaign.. [Edwards Camp To Press: Wake Up, We're Running A National Campaign]

That's one I have personal experience of since when I was a kid by father, a methodist, had many long debates with a friend of his around our dinner table about whether his friend was right in his, and his churches, belief that only Church of Christ members are saved.. [Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Up]

East Rand and the central methodist church in the Johannesburg CBD.. [ANC Daily News Briefing]

If the speech had been made by a leading baptist or methodist no one would have taken notice.. [Dr. Rowan Williams.]

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