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Definitions and meanings of "Mildewing"

What do we mean by mildewing?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word mildewing. Define mildewing, mildewing synonyms, mildewing pronunciation, mildewing translation, English dictionary definition of mildewing.

When you have done nothing all day or are being lazy. It is to imply that your lack of movement, has caused mold or mildew to start growing on your body. Urban Dictionary

Mom I'd like to do every weekend Urban Dictionary

A word used as a replacement of the word "awkward" when "awkward" has been overused in the conversation. Urban Dictionary

This is the feelings/state of mind/state of being that a person experiences as they begin detoxing off of crystal meth. Whether they are quitting by choice or by an act of an arrested or sleeping connection, this feeling describes the feeling of your brain, therefore controlling all of your physical, emotional, and altered feelings about anything. Urban Dictionary

Ta dip out when aint no honie's down for tha cut up. To leave when your chances of a one nighter are slim to none. Urban Dictionary

The female equivalent of "Morning Wood". Urban Dictionary

Either you gonna do something or you not Urban Dictionary

Having sex with a girl who has vaginal fungus. Urban Dictionary

A person with rotten teeth/ breath, who wont stop sending the stink your way when they talk Urban Dictionary

Simultaneous orgasms Urban Dictionary

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The word "mildewing" in example sentences

I'm glad to hear he's doing OK except for the "mildewing". ❋ Unknown (2009)

Gun dealers all over the Gulf Coast region were driven out of business by the hurricane, and they sent their wet and mildewing records to Martinsburg. ❋ Sari Horwitz (2010)

Griffin inhaled ancient dust from the leather book and its mildewing pages. ❋ Tracy Trivas (2010)

My mildewing music degree is starting to get a little stink on it, and cries out to be used somehow. ❋ Unknown (2009)

NASA scientists are rescuing a bunch of mildewing lunar photography archives that were scheduled to be destroyed. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The reasons may be found in Rangoon, amid the mildewing British colonial buildings and billboards threatening to "" crush '' foreign troublemakers. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Not inside so far, but parts of the woodwork on the outside of the house are mildewing. ❋ Will (2008)

In Belgrave Square I met the last man — an ostler — sitting on a post in a ragged red waistcoat, eating straw, and mildewing away. ❋ Unknown (2007)

If you have slightly damp clothes from the dryer or line that you intend to iron, you must roll and cover and store them the same way to avoid their drying prematurely or mildewing. ❋ CHERYL MENDELSON (2005)

Then, the old, mildewing cape and the broom on his back, a corked flagon of fresh water slung over his shoulder, he made his way lightly down a back staircase and through the dry goods pantry. ❋ Maguire, Gregory (2005)

The numerous mountain-fed streams rendered the great depth of loam very sloppy, in consequence of which several accidents occurred before we reached the camp, such as wetting cloth, mildewing tea, watering sugar, and rusting tools; but prompt attention to these necessary things saved us from considerable loss. ❋ Henry Morton (2004)

Others lived a more gritty existence in mildewing tents or rough makeshift shelters. ❋ Bethany Hamilton (2004)

[Friend 1]: "Hey, what are you up to?" Friend 2: "[Not much], just [mildewing]" ❋ Bambieticklejugs (2019)

[Cal]: Hey you see that MILDEW over there? Andrew: Nah I normally don't look at [fungus] Cal: [No no] that 'MILDEW' Andrew: Oh yeah she's a babe ❋ I'm Gudda Gudda (2010)

[Lindsay]: Bill did you just lick Justin? Bill: Umm... Justin: [Uhh]... Katie: [Mildew]... ❋ Billium (2006)

I bet [Rhonda] is still [mildewing] since she was arrested two months ago. All her and Rob did was consume [crystal meth], plot on people, and steal from innocent people, so she deserves it. ❋ U_Know_Me (2008)

"[What up] man, what you [wando]...[bar-b-q] or mildew?" ❋ QCB (2005)

"I ([Kali]) woke up one morning to a puddle of [morning mildew] and [wondered] what I could have fantasized about the night before." ❋ DROYFRESH (2011)

Tommy: bruh [barbecue or mildew]? Roger: [woah chill] I choose [mildew] my g ❋ THOTpatrol47 (2019)

"Dude, last night I got a [mildew slammer], now [my dick's] growing [penicillin]!" ❋ Moldy Vag (2009)

Hey, [mildew mouth], point that weapon some where else, its smell when you talk makes [me want] to [hurl]. ❋ PattiePoe (2009)

Those two just had a [TOTAL] [mildew freeze] after their [hot date]! ❋ Mildewy1 (2016)

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