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Definitions of "milk"

  • A whitish liquid containing proteins, fats, lactose, and various vitamins and minerals that is produced by the mammary glands of all mature female mammals after they have given birth and serves as nourishment for their young. noun
  • The milk of cows, goats, or other animals, used as food by humans. noun
  • A liquid, such as coconut milk, milkweed sap, plant latex, or various medical emulsions, that is similar to milk in appearance. noun
  • To draw milk from the teat or udder of (a female mammal). verb-transitive
  • To draw or extract a liquid from: milked the stem for its last drops of sap. verb-transitive
  • To press out, drain off, or remove by or as if by milking: milk venom from a snake. verb-transitive
  • Informal To draw out or extract something from, as if by milking: milked the witness for information. verb-transitive
  • Informal To obtain money or benefits from, in order to achieve personal gain; exploit: "The dictator and his cronies had milked their country of somewhere between $5 billion and $10 billion” ( Russell Watson). verb-transitive
  • To yield or supply milk. verb-intransitive
  • To draw milk from a female mammal. verb-intransitive
  • A white liquid produced by the mammary glands of female mammals to nourish their young. From certain animals, especially cows, it is a common food for humans as a beverage or used to produce various dairy products such as butter, cheese, and yogurt. noun
  • A white (or whitish) colored liquid obtained from a vegetable source such as soy beans, coconuts, almonds, rice, oats. Also called non-dairy milk. noun
  • An individual serving of milk. noun
  • semen noun
  • To express milk from (a mammal, especially a cow). verb
  • To express any liquid (from any creature). verb
  • To talk or write at length about (a particular point). verb
  • To take advantage of (a situation). verb
  • A white fluid secreted by the mammary glands of female mammals for the nourishment of their young, consisting of minute globules of fat suspended in a solution of casein, albumin, milk sugar, and inorganic salts. noun

The word "milk" in example sentences

As for dairythe answer is very cleara small percentage of humans myself included have evolved to be able to consume milk as adultsbut as a species we have not evolved to be able to consume and most adult humans cannot in fact consume –milk.. [Are we meat eaters or vegetarians? Part I | The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.]

Chocolate milk, chocolate brownies… more chocolate milk…. [super-suzan Diary Entry]

A point well worth remembering is that sour milk and soda may be substituted for sweet milk and baking powder in a recipe that calls for these ingredients by using _1 teaspoonful of soda to each pint of sour milk_.. [Woman's Institute Library of Cookery Volume 1: Essentials of Cookery; Cereals; Bread; Hot Breads]

He did not let up on his fight against impure or adulterated milk until the state legislature declared in 1864 that _every baby, city born or country born, no matter how humble its home, has the right to pure milk_.. [Civics and Health]

According to most plans for modifying milk, _whole milk_ is used.. [School and Home Cooking]

Such milk contains few bacteria and is called _certified milk_.. [School and Home Cooking]

It matters not whether the mother be originally unhealthy, and thus her milk possess bad qualities; or whether from accidental circumstances, or her continuing to give suck too long it becomes so: in either case the same effect, namely, _deteriorated milk_, is produced, with the concomitant evils to which I have alluded.. [Remarks on the Subject of Lactation]

_Some persons say, that new-born female infants have milk in their bosoms, and that it is necessary to squeeze them, and apply plasters to disperse the milk_.. [Advice to a Mother on the Management of Her Children]

_pasteurized milk, _ followed by _sterilized milk_.. [Woman's Institute Library of Cookery Volume 2: Milk, Butter and Cheese; Eggs; Vegetables]

I. v.49 (423, 5) take my milk for gall] _Take_ away _my milk_, and put. [Notes to Shakespeare, Volume III: The Tragedies]

If lactose in milk is bad for you, the absolute last thing you would want to do is recommend mother's milk.. [Another Anti-Milk Moron]

Meanwhile, drain milk from the soaked cashews (save the drained milk!).. [Archive 2007-02-01]

Shikran, sliced bananas in milk, is as home-style and comforting a dish as you could hope to find.. [Archive 2007-07-01]

The lactose normally found in milk is digested by the bacteria naturally present in raw milk and by those added to it (lactic culture) during the aging of the cheese.. [Lactose Free Cheese From Canada]

First, the amount of sugar in milk is only about 5%.. [No Wonder the English Need Dentists]

The culprits in milk is a group of proteins called caseins that interact with tea, decreasing the concentration of catechin -- the flavonoids in tea that are responsible for its protective effects against heart disease, according to the study authors.. [Milk destroys health benefits of tea]

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