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Definitions of "miraculous"

  • Of the nature of a miracle; preternatural. adjective
  • So astounding as to suggest a miracle; phenomenal: a miraculous recovery; a miraculous escape. adjective
  • Able to work miracles. adjective
  • Pertaining to miracles; referring to something that people can't explain. adjective
  • By supernatural or uncommon causes, e.g. by a god (only used when positive). adjective
  • Of the nature of a miracle; performed by supernatural power; effected by the direct agency of almighty power, and not by natural causes. adjective
  • Supernatural; wonderful. adjective
  • Wonder-working. adjective
  • Exceedingly surprising or wonderful; extraordinary; incomprehensible: as, a miraculous escape.
  • Of the nature of a miracle; working miracles; performed by, involving, or exhibiting a power beyond the ordinary agency of natural laws; supernatural.
  • Synonyms Preternatural, Superhuman, etc. See supernatural.
  • being or having the character of a miracle adjective
  • peculiarly fortunate or appropriate; as if by divine intervention adjective

The word "miraculous" in example sentences

The Advertising Standards Authority received 98 complaints that the ads – two versions ran in national press – were offensive and the use of the term "miraculous", especially during Easter, was disrespectful to the Christian faith.. ['Jesus' mobile phone ad banned]

A total of 98 people complained to the ASA, citing the cartoon depiction of Christ and the Sacred Heart, the use of the term 'miraculous' and the fact that the advert was published on Maundy Thursday, close to Easter.. [Evening Standard - Home]

The ASA said the complaints had cited the cartoon depiction of Christ and the Sacred Heart, the use of the term "miraculous" for describing a mobile phone deal, and the fact that it was published on Maundy Thursday.. [BBC News - Home]

Amongst the rest, this and madness after a set time comes to many, which he calls a miraculous thing in nature, and sticks for ever to them as an incurable habit.. [Anatomy of Melancholy]

In that case -- well, he felt something very like awe before what he called her miraculous stupidity.. [The Tysons (Mr. and Mrs. Nevill Tyson)]

Sometimes it refers to what we call miraculous endowments, sometimes it refers to what we may call official capacity; but here it is evidently neither the one nor the other of these more limited and special things, but the general idea of a divine operation upon the human spirit which fills it with. [Expositions of Holy Scripture: Romans Corinthians (To II Corinthians, Chap. V)]

And, for God's sake, do not give in to that miserable fancy that because these stories are what you call miraculous, therefore they have nothing to do with you -- that Samson's strength came to him miraculously by God's Spirit, and yet yours comes to you a different way.. [Twenty-Five Village Sermons]

That man is what we call a miraculous creature, with miraculous power over men; and, on the whole, with such a Life in him, and such a. [The French Revolution]

"It's crazy," Miller said this week, months into what he calls a miraculous recovery from cyanide and heroin poisoning.. [timesunion.com: Local Breaking News]

There's also a reference to what they call a miraculous event that occurred during the weekend after Terri's feeding tube was removed and -- "Which fundamentally alters the manner in which Terri's claims are to be viewed by the federal courts when Congress, in bipartisan and dramatic fashion, thundered the message that the United States of America must stand for life, accuracy and fairness and in the process afforded an incapacitated woman," that apparently a reference, that miracle reference apparently to Barbara Weller, a lawyer who happens to be a friend of the parents, who said over the weekend that Terri Schiavo apparently tried to mouth the words "I want to live.". [CNN Transcript Mar 24, 2005]

For three years she had what some called a miraculous recovery and was able to leave her bed and walk intermittently.. [Jennifer Lauck: Adoption Myth Buster: What it Takes to Wake]

But every Englishman is born with a certain miraculous power that makes him master of the world.. [Is McCain About to ‘Refine’ His Withdrawal Plan, Too? « Antiwar.com Blog]

I wonder whether the working class isn't perhaps a better judge of these matters since they are less likely to believe in miraculous transformations.. [Archive 2008-06-01]

Since the working class are predominantly Christian, I think you underestimate their likelihood of believing in miraculous transformations.. [Obubble?]

Jeanne des Anges promptly became known as a miraculous figure, receiving angelic oracles and offering spiritual advice.. [The Quest of Michel de Certeau]

Some of my favorite days were spent simply sitting in miraculous, everyday campos beyond the tourist crush, debating the relative worthiness of different gelato flavors, watching kids play soccer, tracing the outline of a gothic window, and observing the parade of ordinary Venetian life.. [Veniceblog:]

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@ProphetJoLynne: He is STILL the God of miracles! Jesus has a miracle with YOUR name on it. Nothing is impossible for the Lord—NOTHING!…


@girlonthenet I once had a guy pretend to collapse the morning after so he wouldn't have a leave (after I repeatedl…


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miraculous /miræ'kjuləs/ 〔形〕奇跡の,驚くべき


@ProphetJoLynne: He is STILL the God of miracles! Jesus has a miracle with YOUR name on it. Nothing is impossible for the Lord—NOTHING!…

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  • Pronunciations(mĭ-răkˈyə-ləs)
  • Character10
  • Hyphenation mi rac u lous


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