Character 13
Hyphenation mis cel la ne ous
Pronunciations /ˌmɪsəˈleɪnɪəs/

Definitions and meanings of "Miscellaneous"

What do we mean by miscellaneous?

Consisting of various kinds; varied. adjective

Having a variety of characteristics or aspects. adjective

Consisting of a mixture; diversified; promiscuous: as, miscellaneous reading; a miscellaneous rabble.

Producing things of various sorts: as, a miscellaneous inventor.

Synonyms See promiscuous.

Mixed; mingled; consisting of several things; of diverse sorts; promiscuous; heterogeneous. adjective

Consisting of a variety of ingredients or parts. adjective

Having diverse characteristics, abilities or appearances. adjective

Consisting of a haphazard assortment of different kinds adjective

Having many aspects adjective

Consisting of a variety of ingredients or parts.

Having diverse characteristics, abilities or appearances.

To become aware of and self-affirm belongingness in the full diversity and expression of sexual orientations, genders, sexual/gender identities, and related variants--particularly those pertaining to the evolution and growth of the LGBTQ movement (LGBTQIA+...), going further into the miscellaneous everyoneness. Urban Dictionary

Something that doesn't fit into any other category. Urban Dictionary

Random acts of Nonsense committed by arseholes Urban Dictionary

1. The enjoyment of a variety of dudes without serious commitment 2. strange Urban Dictionary

A woman in a relationship that likes to sleep around with various men. Urban Dictionary

Random happenings or Random junk Urban Dictionary

See Surprise Negro Urban Dictionary

Used to describe something that is interesting, but lacks any suitable labels. Usually said in a tongue-in-cheek way, when one is overwhelmed with the tackiness or horrible-ness of a performance. Urban Dictionary

Miscellaneous Entertainment is something you tell your girlfriend you're doing when you are actually going out for an unauthorised punt. It also means losing heavily at Steamers Wharf Casino. Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Miscellaneous

The word "miscellaneous" in example sentences

Captain Winstanley had set his face against what he called miscellaneous charity. ❋ Unknown (1875)

The word "miscellaneous" comes from the Latin verb miscere, meaning "to mix", and if you mix up the letters of "miscellaneous" you get ❋ Mark Watson (2010)

The remainder of the evening was spent by Stephen in miscellaneous cross-examination of Mrs Bunch and in efforts to extract a tune from the hurdy-gurdy. ❋ Unknown (2004)

[146] Johnson's observations on Addison's writings may be well applied to those of Cicero, who would have been eminently successful in short miscellaneous essays, like those of the Spectator, had the manners of the age allowed it. ❋ John Henry Newman (1845)

If you have a general idea of where your miscellaneous spending goes — shampoo and postage stamps that you don’t bother to track, for example — then maybe "miscellaneous" is good enough for you. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Even if there’s another 5 billion needed in miscellaneous expenses associated with this paradigm-breaking suggestion, it still only amounts to the cost of the levee re-building. ❋ Unknown (2005)

For a frog like me, the most difficult one to pronoune in English: miscellaneous. ❋ Unknown (2006)

"We achieved some kind of a low, but what I would consider a high in terms of all of the late trains that we experienced during the quarter," Oversier said. "48 percent of them, so nearly half of them were attributed to what we call miscellaneous events. ❋ Unknown (2010)

It might be set down as an axiomatic statement that no large publishing house in this country could possibly live exclusively from what are known as miscellaneous books, by which is meant current fiction and other ephemeral publications. ❋ Various (N/A)

(Why he should not have headed it "Scheme," the editor of the _Church Times_, who calls his miscellaneous notes "_Varia_," is better able to say than I.) ❋ Unknown (1906)

And quite a large margin left here, called miscellaneous, which he smiled to observe made just an even figure, and suspected she had put in for that purpose as well as from generosity. ❋ Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1897)

If no product constituted 40\% of the gross receipts, the farm was classified as a miscellaneous or general farm. ❋ Thomas Forsyth Hunt (1894)

He calls miscellaneous reading a subtle dissipation, a moral poison. ❋ Arthur Christopher Benson (1893)

I would call miscellaneous composition LE GUAY SABER, and I would have every miscellaneous writer as solemn and as gay, as various and as pleasing, as these lively artists of versatility. ❋ Isaac Disraeli (1807)

On the hundreds of checks written out to Solensky, the daughter said that her mother had made notations on the memo line for "wages" and "miscellaneous" - the two major items listed - and on some specific notations such as ❋ Unknown (2010)

It got it's name because "chow chow" was what the Chinese called miscellaneous goods from ❋ Unknown (2010)

It works out to slightly more than $13,500 a year and includes food, shelter (the average cost of adding an additional bedroom), transportation, health care, education and the real budgetary category killer known as miscellaneous goods and services - from plastic action figures to soccer cleats to MP3 players. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Within that category, called miscellaneous operating revenue, there is no breakout of the fees that airlines receive for selling things like preferred seats, a sandwich, a pillow and blanket, a day pass to the airport lounge or a few hours of in-flight video or Wi-Fi. ❋ By JOE SHARKEY (2010)

"[The movement] includes everyone now. I've been [miscellaneoused]!" "[I don't even know] just miscellaneoused OK?" ❋ Mattanaw (2021)

[Sexual orientation] ([delete] where appropriate): [Heterosexual] / Miscellaneous ❋ Supersonic^ (2004)

Me: "Look at those [idiots]" [Mate]: "I know, what [Miscellaneous] Arseholerly." ❋ Jumbodunk (2011)

He meant [nothing] to me! He was [just] miscellaneous dick! ❋ SecretAsian12 (2014)

Bob just found out his wife has a [miscellaneous dick problem] when he came home from work early. Jenny let [the football] team [run a train] on her, she really has a miscellaneous dick problem. ❋ CJR8402 (2014)

Man I was [up in that] [sneaker] store an all they had was a bunch of [miscellaneous hoodie doodiness]. ❋ Queen V (2010)

Did you see that Miscellaneous Black guy in [Friday]? God I [hate] [Rebecca Black]. ❋ Twwwwwwwt (2011)

Companion: "[I don't know what] to make of the school play last night... I wish I could say it [was good]..." Me: "It was a [miscellaneous entertainment event]." ❋ IHateYouAll (2012)

1. Andrew: "What did you spend all you cash on when you were on [holidays]?" Ben: "[Miscellaneous Entertainment]" 2. [Katie]: "Where are you going tonight?" Charlie: "Just out for some Miscellaneous Entertainment." ❋ Aw1980 (2010)

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