Character 8
Hyphenation mis tress
Pronunciations /ˈmɪstɹɪs/

Definitions and meanings of "Mistress"

What do we mean by mistress?

A woman who has a continuing sexual relationship with a man who is married to someone else. noun

A woman in a position of authority, control, or ownership, as the head of a household. noun

A woman who owns or keeps an animal. noun

A woman who owns a slave. noun

A woman with ultimate control over something. noun

A nation or country that has supremacy over others. noun

Something personified as female that directs or reigns. noun

A woman who has mastered a skill or branch of learning. noun

Used formerly as a courtesy title when speaking to or of a woman. noun

A woman schoolteacher. noun

In mining, a cover for sinkers in a wet shaft; a cover for a sinker's lamp. noun

To attend as a lover upon a mistress; pay court to women.

To become mistress of.

A woman who has authority or power of control, as over a house or over other persons; a female head, chief, or director; a woman who is served by or has the ordering of others: the feminine correlative of master: as, the mistress of a family or of a school. It is also extended to things which are spoken of as feminine. noun

A title of address or term of courtesy nearly equivalent to madam, formerly applied to any woman or girl, but now chiefly and specifically to married women, written in the abbreviated form Mrs. (now pronounced mis′ ez), and used before personal names. In English lawit is the proper style of the wife of an esquire or gentleman. See miss. noun

A woman who has mastered any art or branch of study: used also of things. noun

A woman who is beloved and courted; a woman who has command over a lover's heart; a sweetheart: now used only in poetic language or as an archaisrn. noun

A woman who illicitly occupies the place of a wife. noun

A woman, specifically one with great control, authority or ownership

A female teacher

The other woman in an extramarital relationship, generally including sexual relations

A dominatrix

A woman well skilled in anything, or having the mastery over it

A woman regarded with love and devotion; a sweetheart

A married woman; a wife

The jack in the game of bowls

A female companion to a master (a man with control, authority or ownership)

Something between a mister and his mattress. Urban Dictionary

A women who has a foot slave and allows him to worship her feet, ie kissing each toe, licking her soles, eating her toejam Urban Dictionary

Entity semanticly and physicaly highly related as per example below. Urban Dictionary

Female PIMP Urban Dictionary

A woman other than his wife with whom a married man has an ongoing sexual relationship Urban Dictionary

1.) a lonely female with no self-respect who willingly subjects herself to the marginal attention of married men 2.) enemy to the institution of marriage 3.) an example of female energy used for evil 4.) a married man's co-conspirator 5.) the puppet a married man keeps in his closet and pulls out only at night and only when no one else is around to witness its existance 6.) one who will never experience real romantic love, and seemingly has no desire for it 7.) a woman with no value other than that of sexual gratification Urban Dictionary

from the Old French maistresse, from maistre 'master' Noun 1) - a woman in a position of authority or control. a woman who is skilled in a particular subject or activity. (possibly sexually) 2) - a woman having an extramarital sexual relationship, especially with a married man. a woman loved and courted by a man 3) - a woman that is the dominating role in a dominate/submissive relationship or arrangement. Urban Dictionary

A girl on the side. Urban Dictionary

A guy has to have a girl already to have a mistress. A guy has to want to have at least one girl in his life to have a mistress. Urban Dictionary

1. noun; In B/D and S/M, the woman who is dominant. 2. noun; Proper title of dominant woman in B/D and S/M relationship. Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Mistress

The word "mistress" in example sentences

_I know no mistress; out upon thy mistress_ Steevens conj. ❋ William Shakespeare (1590)

_Tedaldo Elisei, having fallen out with his mistress, departeth Florence and returning thither, after awhile, in a pilgrim's favour, speaketh with the lady and maketh her cognisant of her error; after which he delivereth her husband, who had been convicted of murdering him, from death and reconciling him with his brethren, thenceforward discreetly enjoyeth himself with his mistress_ ❋ Giovanni Boccaccio (1344)

Why do they think they deserve the title mistress? ❋ Unknown (2009)

| The Daily Caller … Brigitte Daguerre abhors the term mistress, because she says ... ❋ Unknown (2010)

Sanford who confessed his mistress is his soul mate on a national TV ❋ Unknown (2009)

The trip marks the first time Sanford has spent time with his wife since he revealed to the Associated Press that his mistress is a "soul mate" and that he had "crossed lines" with other women. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Mark Sanford actually believes that shouting at the president during a speech - while rude and disrespectful - actually compares to misuse of taxpayer money, committing adultery, and embarrassing your wife by saying your mistress is your "soulmate"? ❋ Unknown (2009)

And doesn't his self-absorption show in announcing to the public that his mistress is his "soulmate," but that he's "trying" to fall back in love with his wife? ❋ Unknown (2009)

Secretly leaving the state to visit his mistress is abusing the power to me. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I'm sorry to say, but when a man says his mistress is his soul mate and he would have to learn to love his wife again there has to have been some issues in the marriage for awhile. ❋ Unknown (2009)

"The visit marked the first time Sanford has seen his wife in person since he revealed to the Associated Press that his mistress is a “soul mate” and that he had “crossed lines” with other women." ❋ Unknown (2009)

To take funds away from your state to finance trips to see your mistress is the worst though! ❋ Unknown (2009)

The visit marked the first time Sanford has seen his wife in person since he revealed to the Associated Press that his mistress is a “soul mate” and that he had “crossed lines” with other women. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I liked how the mistress is actually involved in the family business, and I liked the scenes in the drug therapy sessions. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Quoth Dahnash, “O my lady, I will do thy behests, for I know forsure that my mistress is the fairer and the sweeter.” ❋ Unknown (2006)

I am very sorry that I was not at home to welcome her; but my mother and my baby sister will be very kind to her while her mistress is away. ❋ Annie Sullivan (1905)

"Bid Colonel Rivers remember," said she, "what I have read somewhere, the parting words of a French lady to a bishop of her acquaintance, Let your absence be short, my lord; and remember that a mistress is a benefice which obliges to residence." ❋ Unknown (1769)

She weathered the publication of passionate e-mail exchanges between her husband and Chapur, and an Associated Press interview in which he called his mistress his "soul mate" and admitted "crossing the line" with other women. ❋ Unknown (2009)

[Marilyn Monroe] was [President] [Kennedy's] mistress. ❋ Soreofhing (2009)

mistress gemma wanted to punish her [foot slave] so took off her boots and smothered his with her sweaty [soles], the slave was in heaven, she even then made him masturbate over her [smelly socks] ❋ Gemma's Foot Slave (2005)

A [Mistress] is someone that stands between a "[mister]" and a "[matress]". ❋ Martnovich (2006)

❋ Ac (2003)

❋ Allison (2003)

Recently, we have seen many famous [men's] lives and marriages come to ruin as a result of their relationships with a [mistress]([es]). ❋ I Said... (2010)

1) - She is always the [mistress] of the situation. 2) - Donna thought her husband had a secret mistress she didn't know about. 3) - My 'slave' knows that if he [disappoints] his mistress he will surely be punished. milf girlfriend sex [married man] submissive slave-owner dominating pleasurable ❋ N8mare13 (2012)

A guy has to have a girl to have a [mistress]/[side girl]. A guy with [no girl] has no mistress. ❋ Solid Mantis (2019)

The guy with the [mistress] wanted to have not just one, but [two girls]. [Meanwhile] the guy with no mistress(es) never wanted to have a girl in his life in the first place. ❋ Solid Mantis (2019)

1. I am a [dominant] Mistress who is looking for a [submissive] slave to play with. 2. My name is Mistress [Tiffany]. ❋ J (2003)

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