Character 6
Hyphenation mo bile
Pronunciations /ˈməʊbaɪl/

Definitions and meanings of "Mobile"

What do we mean by mobile?

Capable of moving or of being moved readily from place to place. adjective

Of or relating to wireless communication devices, such as cell phones. adjective

Capable of moving or changing quickly from one state or condition to another. adjective

Fluid; unstable. adjective

Marked by the easy intermixing of different social groups. adjective

Moving relatively easily from one social class or level to another. adjective

Tending to travel and relocate frequently. adjective

Flowing freely; fluid. adjective

A type of sculpture consisting of carefully equilibrated parts that move, especially in response to air currents. noun

A mobile phone. noun

The populace; the rabble; the mob. noun

A name proposed as a substitute for motor-vehicle, or automobile. noun

Changeable; fickle.

Capable of being moved from place to place.

Moving; in motion; not stationary.

Movable; easily moving or movable; capable of facile movement; hence, changing; quickly responding to emotion or impulse.

That which is movable. noun

A kinetic sculpture or decorative arrangement made of items hanging so that they can move independently from each other.

The internet accessed via mobile devices.

Something that can move.

Having a car & being able to drive places . Can be referred to if your dealer can drive & deliver places . (: Urban Dictionary

Mobile is a word that means you have a source of transportation meaning you have a car Urban Dictionary

A city in alabama Urban Dictionary

A small wireless telecommunications device used to contact people on. not to be confused with a 'cell phone', the mobile's primative american cousin, a 'cell phone' also runs on 'gasoline' whereas the more techincaly advanced mobile uses petrol. Urban Dictionary

The only word Australian and British people use to describe a 'cell phone'. I have never heard an Aussie say 'cell phone'. Urban Dictionary

Better name than "cell phone". "Cell phone" just sounds tacky, while calling your mobile a "moe-bile" sounds very elite. It's also what the Brits call their mobile phones. Urban Dictionary

N. abbreviation: mobile phone Urban Dictionary

A city in lower alabama between florida and new orleans. alabama's 2nd largest city, area code 251. homeplace of no money records and rednecks. see hell. Urban Dictionary

A codename for virgin, originating from "Virgin Mobile." Urban Dictionary

The sick from a cow- mo (cow) - bile (sick) Urban Dictionary

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The word "mobile" in example sentences

AmplifyMindware Hi mobile lovers, want to learn #mobile multimedia programming ❋ AP (2010)

Making money in mobile is extremely nascent leaving opportunity for new technologies, new strategies, and new business models. ❋ Darcy Travlos (2010)

The term mobile broadband describes many different types of high-speed Internet access through a portable modem, telephone device, or other similar communication type of gear. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The label mobile, however, encompasses a wide range of technologies, from software to semiconductors to enterprise applications. ❋ Unknown (2009)

That being said … the term mobile broadband often times refers to the cellular-phone-provider type of broadband Internet connection (s). ❋ Unknown (2009)

Skype functionality on a mobile is a great function but the real benefit is only when you dial a Skype number. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Whether it be surfing the web, checking email, sending text messages or talking — my mobile is the center of my daily existence. ❋ Unknown (2009)

A Harvard professor had deemed the floating lounges - what we call mobile lounges today - "silly." ❋ Unknown (2011)

Inputting Japanese into your mobile is a bit more complex than your average T9 and there are various competing systems vying for a place on the latest handset models. ❋ Jan Kuczynski (2007)

Seems dating on the mobile is about having fun (easy to use and provide instant gratification!, more suitable for persons not older than 24) rather than developing long term relationships. ❋ Unknown (2006)

But for some the mobile is also being used as a powerful political and social tool. ❋ Unknown (2006)

Yahoo is now letting other companies create applications -- which it calls mobile "widgets" -- that consumers can also access through Go or mobile Web browsers. ❋ Unknown (2008)

All the videos have to be less than 1 minute long and have been shot with cell phones or PDAs, what they call mobile communication terminals. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Temporarily misplacing your mobile is a problem I'm sure we all encounter from time to time but, luckily, you can easily locate it by ringing from another phone and following the sound of the ringtone. ❋ Jan Kuczynski (2006)

The campaign is also one of the first to offer campaign-based ringtones (what I refer to as the mobile bumper sticker) and wallpaper that can only be sent to your phone by texting or "opting" into the campaign. ❋ Unknown (2007)

amy ; "[ayyyy], you mobile? i [needa] dub !" mac ; "yeah , [where you at] ?" ❋ Potheaaaad;) (2010)

mobile hey [monica i] [need a ride] to [work] are you mobile ❋ Erik Mendoza (2006)

[sweet home alabama].. [dun dun] do [daint] don dun dow ❋ Qwerty (2004)

i [taunted] americans with my mobilei called [tony blair] on my mobilei hit a [rapist] with my mobile ❋ William Gates (2005)

Hint: To be cooler, say: 'Mobie'. "Have ya [got ya] mobile on ya?" "Some [muh-fucka] jacked me for my [mobie]." ❋ Diego (2003)

[Call me] up on my mobile, [houses]! ❋ MoonKnight (2002)

If you can't make it [give us] a [ring] [on me] mobile ❋ Shevek (2002)

[going] to mobile ❋ The Devil (2003)

[Person 1]: "Are you mobile?" Person 2: "[Um].... Yeah?" Person 1: "[Haha]!" ❋ Nature-Spirits_Ever (2012)

❋ The Flying Teapot (2003)

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