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Definitions and meanings of "Monadically"

What do we mean by monadically?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word monadically. Define monadically, monadically synonyms, monadically pronunciation, monadically translation, English dictionary definition of monadically.

A monad is a monoid in the category of endofunctors Urban Dictionary

A mohawk shaven into one's pubic hair. Urban Dictionary

The singular forum of the word gonads. To have only one testicle. Urban Dictionary

It's a gay sex position engaged in between college professors and computer science students everyone who has a masters in computer science has performed it Urban Dictionary

N. A floofy liar that frequently tells horribly unfunny jokes and unwitty comments, resulting in the collective annoyance of those around it. Urban Dictionary

Contraction of the words "Moron" and "Gonad". Used to refer to a software project that is fat, slow, and ultimately incomprehensible to the consumer. Urban Dictionary

The belief that everything is in fact one thing and that all apparent separations or differences are either illusionary or irrelevant. Pythagoras's concept of a divine singularity and or unity. Urban Dictionary

A unit of cyclical time. Consciousness. Urban Dictionary

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The word "monadically" in example sentences

For example, a materialist might suggest a type-identity of Bertie's phenomenal greenness with something neurophysiological, but it is not plausible to think that a smoothly and monadically green patch in one's visual field just is a neural state or event in one's brain. ❋ Lycan, William (2006)

Brian Beckman demonstrates three ways of labeling a binary tree with unique integer node numbers: (1) by hand, (2) non-monadically, but functionally, by threading an updating counter state variable through function arguments, and (3) monadically, by using a partially generalized state-monad implementation to handle the threading via composition. ❋ Unknown (2008)

A [list] is an [example] of a monad ❋ Coding-kitten (2020)

I was walking around the [YMCA] [locker room] and this guy was totally [rockin'] the monad. ❋ Poe Nads (2009)

Hey ever since that [infection], my monad has been [swollen] and [sore]. ❋ BURNiN4TOR (2005)

A: [Hey B], apparently [the prof] is gonna have a lesson on monad with us. Do you know [what that is]? B:Sorry A, i got no clue. We will just have to wait till next Monday. ❋ TheComfyToilet (2020)

"[Geez], what a monad." "Man, that guy sure is a monad." "[Jay], [you are a] monad." ❋ Reacher (2004)

[Microsoft's] [new] command-line [shell] is a monad. ❋ David Tobey (2003)

A) Hey Bro I [hit my head] and got permanent brain damage so now I believe everything is a single Monad . B) "All is one" is the stupidest idea to come out of [Full Metal Alchemist]. A) Well, as I have mentioned, I am now severely mentally disabled, so [give me a break] here. B) At least you don't think that "everything and everyone is god" somehow. A) HAHAHA... actually, I kind of do... B) Wow you really have lost a lot of brain function! ❋ Lord_nether (2021)

[A moment] is a [unit] of [linear time]. A monad is a unit of CYCLICAL time. ❋ Tomorrowtomorrow (2018)

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What does monadically mean?

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