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Mood Mood (psychology), a relatively long lasting emotional state Grammatical mood, one of a set of morphologically distinctive forms that are used to signal modality Mood (literature), the affective setting of a piece of literature Robert Mood (born 1958), a Norwegian general.

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Definitions of "mood"

  • A state of mind or emotion. noun
  • A pervading impression of an observer: the somber mood of the painting. noun
  • An incidence of sulking or angry behavior. noun
  • Inclination; disposition. noun
  • Grammar A set of verb forms or inflections used to indicate the speaker's attitude toward the factuality or likelihood of the action or condition expressed. In English the indicative mood is used to make factual statements, the subjunctive mood to indicate doubt or unlikelihood, and the imperative mood to express a command. noun
  • Logic The arrangement or form of a syllogism. noun
  • a mental or emotional state, composure noun
  • a sullen mental state; a bad mood noun
  • a disposition to do something noun
  • a prevalent atmosphere or feeling noun
  • A verb form that depends on how its containing clause relates to the speaker’s or writer’s wish, intent, or assertion about reality noun
  • Manner; style; mode; logical form; musical style; manner of action or being. See mode which is the preferable form). noun
  • Manner of conceiving and expressing action or being, as positive, possible, conditional, hypothetical, obligatory, imperitive, etc., without regard to other accidents, such as time, person, number, etc. noun
  • Temper of mind; temporary state of the mind in regard to passion or feeling; humor noun
  • Mind; heart. noun
  • Temper of mind; state of the mind as regards passion or feeling; disposition; humor: as, a melancholy mood. noun
  • Heat of temper; anger. noun
  • Zeal: in the phrase with main and mood, with might and main; with a will. noun
  • A morbid or fantastic state of mind, as a fit of bad temper, sudden anger, or sullenness; also, absence of mind, or abstraction: generally used in the plural. noun

The word "mood" in example sentences

doesn't take much to get me in a mood oh! you mean the mood*. . .. [Top Ten Tips on Having Sex in a Taxi]

The striking change in mood is rooted not in local politics, but in a crisis unfolding thousands of miles away.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » I like this attitude:]

* Former DNC Chair Howard Dean says the pundits are misreading 2010: the mood is anti-incumbent, not anti-Democrat.. [Tea Partiers, Jersey, Cheney, Scalia, Guns, 2010, RNC « Gerry Canavan]

At Tod's, where the mood is aristocratic Italian minimalist, the immaculately dressed and mannered Wayne proffers the classic "Heavens" driving shoe in brown with lavender lacing, at £ 230 — great with cropped pants, but beware the jeans, lest one look like a school-gate mum (oh, that's right, I am one).. [Does the Shoe Fit? Finding the Perfect Flat]

Lightening the mood is always a way to give the reader perspective on the graveness of whatever situation is at hand.. [7 Reasons to Include Humor in Your Work | Write to Done]

So I'm a bit (read: a whole boatload of a lot) cranky and tired and with the bouts of insomnia I've had in the last ten days, my mood is a little off.. [Moments in Darkness Poll]

But the mood is as dark as it should be with such serious subject matter.. [REVIEW: Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse edited by John Joseph Adams]

Once I realized that my mood is always a constant (I have assigned it a value of 3288), it became much easier to calculate.. [JERRY BRUCKHEIMER’S LAWS OF SCIENCE]

Paul Elsewho said ... so if my mood is at 7 billion, am i still human? even further, what if i reach my capacity of making up concepts of friends that will leave me, what then?. [Enemies are downers.]

Niko said ... when your mood is at 7billion you are considered manic by society and incarcerated, obv.. [Enemies are downers.]

‘I don’t think writers now can find a plot, so they write what we call mood pieces.. [Roald Dahl interview (1989)]

OF PSYCHIATRY, NYU: The standard treatment for manic depression is what we call a mood stabilizer, and the mood stabilizer is designed to essentially not let someone get so manic.. [CNN Transcript Aug 20, 2004]

After posting a Facebook blurb on its own flashlight system, which automatically adjusts depending on the outside conditions, the X3 wrote, "That, my friends, is what we call mood lighting ...". [Las Vegas Sun Stories: All Sun Headlines]

The term mood disorder refers to a disturbance that shifts the individual’s usual moods out of the normal range, beyond the everyday upward and downward swings.. [Healing After the Suicide of a Loved One]

The mood, in other words, is rightly benevolent, though as much for a welcome day off, and perhaps a bit of a party, as for any great constitutional issue.. [Royal wedding: A day like no other]

The "public mood is one of anger", he said, claiming the City had become a "scapegoat" for that sentiment.. [Regulation only way to curb bonuses, says RBS chairman Sir Philip Hampton]

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TurkishMood English to Turkish Translate
i., man. bir önermede esaslar ile neticeler arasındaki bağlantı; gram. kip, bak. mode; müz. makam.i., man. bir önermede esaslar ile neticeler arasındaki bağlantı; gram. kip, bak. mode; müz. makam.

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