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Definitions of "more"

  • To make more; increase; enhance.
  • To root up.
  • A mulberry-tree, Morus nigra. noun
  • Greater: often indicating comparison merely, not absolutely but relatively greater.
  • In number, especially as comparative of many.
  • In degree or intensity, especially as comparative of much or as exceeding a small or smaller quantity.
  • In rank, position, or dignity: opposed to less.
  • Greater in amount, extent, number, or degree: the following noun being in effect a partitive genitive: as, more land; more light; more money; more courage.
  • In addition; additional: the adjective being before or after the noun, or in the predicate.
  • A greater quantity, amount, or number. noun
  • Something superior or further or in addition: corresponding to I., 2, with partitive genitive merged. noun
  • Persons of rank; the great. noun
  • A formative of comparison, indicating the comparative degree. noun
  • A root; stock. noun
  • A plant. noun
  • In a greater extent, quantity, or degree.
  • [In this sense more is regularly used to modify an adjective or adverb and form a comparative phrase, having the same force and effect as the comparative degree made by the termination -er: as, more wise (wiser), more wisely; more illustrious, more illustriously; more contemptible; more durable. It may be used before any adjective or adverb which admits of comparison, and is generally used with words of more than two syllables, in which the use of the suffix -er would be awkward: as, more curious, more eminent, etc.; formations like curiouser, virtuouser, etc., being avoided, though occasionally used in older writers. Formerly more was very often used superfluously in the comparative: as, more better, braver, fitter, mightier, etc.]
  • Further; to a greater distance.
  • In addition; besides; again: qualified by such words as any, no, ever, never, once, twice, etc., the two being in some cases also written together as one, as evermore, nevermore, and formerly nomore.

The word "more" in example sentences

There you'll be, a furious collection of primordial organelles focused like a coherent light machine on the hyperholistic sublimity of 'appliance' as a signifier of more than simply an instance of a particular hardware configuration, but as an aggregation of physical nature with the abstraction of 'applicabilty,'  more than just a word, but a magickal spell that conjures technology out of ecology.. [Whole Day Off]

The Calvin & Hobbes futurefic "Every Day is a Reminder" got more than a thousand fewer hits than "They Come in Threes" and over a third *more* comments.. [yuletide 2009: hit counts, comments, and predictions for 2010]

• More carbon footprints: nuclear war, a cappuccino, more• Understand more about carbon footprints. [What's the carbon footprint of … a banana?]

• More carbon footprints: nuclear war, cycling a mile, more• Understand more about carbon footprints. [What's the carbon footprint of ... a new car?]

• Republic manager says Gibson must play more to grow more• 'To what club could I go to improve my game?' says midfielder. [Darron Gibson: Trapattoni is wrong to say United are holding me back]

And so I did, but more slowly;  more grace, more panache, moresex.. [Should you ever be allowed to feel this good?]

And then do it some more to reduce *more* abortions.. ["There is a negative image associated with abortion … and it’s going to carry with it a stigma that will be associated with your facility."]

As the mother of four, I'm more concerned not terribly concerned but *more* concerned with the next youngest.. [The wild speculation that Sarah Palin is not the real mother of the new baby she presents as her own.]

It showed that women started on supplemental estrogens two or more years after menopause actually had * more* heart disease and died younger because of it, the exact opposite of the retrospective study's conclusion.. [A PROSPECTIVE, RANDOMIZED, PLACEBO-CONTROLLED, DOUBLE-BLIND, CLINICAL TRIAL COMPARING ...]

That, and my own realization as a teenager that when I gained weight, it was my biceps becoming more masculine note: *more* masculine, not masculine - they're still pretty scrawny that caused the change.. [My fat (but actually very normal-sized) legs]

But it's more than that: unless they meant to set it similarly low across the board, it effectively endorses the position that the mere mention of GLBT identities is in fact *more* offensive than the usual general chat chatter in many zones about how a certain monster just raped a group, or about how one character wants to see another's tits, or what have you.. [And the sign said...]

And if you feel like something even more special, they have even *more* options!. [Archive 2006-04-01]

Those who are keen on this issue can find more information there, including discussion of *more* of the mistakes of MM.. [Some Principal Components Illustrations « Climate Audit]

If you carry a balance of X, you want to pay attention to how much more you're paying in interest to get the frequent flier miles, because you don't want to be, overall, spending *more* to get them than you would to just buy the plane tickets.. [One Bright Star (1B*) Reignited]

And if you feel like something even more special, they have even *more* options!. [L'ami Jean]

Regarding love me love my dog, couldn't agree more, the dog is a member of your family, others bring spoiled rotten misbehaving obnoxious children, why not bring a friendly well trained housebroken pet..much better company than a child..more lovable too!. [Dates and Dogs]

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