Character 4
Hyphenation more
Pronunciations /ˈmɔː/

Definitions and meanings of "More"

What do we mean by more?

To a greater degree or extent.

Used to form the comparative form of adjectives and adverbs.

In negative constructions: any further, any longer; any more.

Used in addition to an inflected comparative form.

Term used by women who are involved in long deep satisfying sex sessions Urban Dictionary

More isn't always better Urban Dictionary

A word that, if you're good enough, your girl will be screaming over and over again in bed Urban Dictionary

In an effort to motivate and encourage lazy Alderley Edge homies into doing something, going out, down the pub for instance, a short sharp "more" can be a jee-up to instil action. Urban Dictionary

Sam loves Vickey MORE Urban Dictionary

Click to see less Urban Dictionary

Really? Are you sure. What people should say to their paramour when the relationship is unhealthy. You know the kind. When you can't stop breaking up. John Legend's "Ordinary People" song before he wrote the song that just might save a life. "All of Me" is not "no more." But, sometimes when it feels like the movies or "too good to be true" people say "no more." Like Ahhhhhh. Please don't say it if it feels like the movies. Ask me or Katy Perry. Feeling like a fairytale or movie is a very good thing. Urban Dictionary

A sexual insinuation Urban Dictionary

Morely is an all encompassing word and a lazy way of saying anything from, “more or less”, “more like”, “actually”, “more than”, “more so”, to “moreover” ETC… Urban Dictionary

Moree is a large town on near the Northern end of the border between NSW and QLD in Australia. The people of Moree are known for their Diverse culture, love of food (Moree annually hold the 'Moree on a plate' food festival) and competitive nature in Sports. Moree is also referred to as the home of the Artesian Spring water. Urban Dictionary

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The word "more" in example sentences

• More carbon footprints: nuclear war, cycling a mile, more• Understand more about carbon footprints ❋ Unknown (2010)

There you'll be, a furious collection of primordial organelles focused like a coherent light machine on the hyperholistic sublimity of 'appliance' as a signifier of more than simply an instance of a particular hardware configuration, but as an aggregation of physical nature with the abstraction of 'applicabilty,'  more than just a word, but a magickal spell that conjures technology out of ecology. ❋ Unknown (2010)

• More carbon footprints: nuclear war, a cappuccino, more• Understand more about carbon footprints ❋ Unknown (2010)

The Calvin & Hobbes futurefic "Every Day is a Reminder" got more than a thousand fewer hits than "They Come in Threes" and over a third *more* comments. ❋ Hradzka (2010)

• Republic manager says Gibson must play more to grow more• 'To what club could I go to improve my game?' says midfielder ❋ Unknown (2010)

And so I did, but more slowly;  more grace, more panache, moresex. ❋ Unknown (2010)

And then do it some more to reduce *more* abortions. ❋ Ann Althouse (2009)

As the mother of four, I'm more concerned not terribly concerned but *more* concerned with the next youngest. ❋ Ann Althouse (2008)

It showed that women started on supplemental estrogens two or more years after menopause actually had * more* heart disease and died younger because of it, the exact opposite of the retrospective study's conclusion. ❋ Unknown (2007)

That, and my own realization as a teenager that when I gained weight, it was my biceps becoming more masculine note: *more* masculine, not masculine - they're still pretty scrawny that caused the change. ❋ Kay Olson (2007)

But it's more than that: unless they meant to set it similarly low across the board, it effectively endorses the position that the mere mention of GLBT identities is in fact *more* offensive than the usual general chat chatter in many zones about how a certain monster just raped a group, or about how one character wants to see another's tits, or what have you. ❋ Unknown (2006)

And if you feel like something even more special, they have even *more* options! ❋ Etienne (2006)

Those who are keen on this issue can find more information there, including discussion of *more* of the mistakes of MM. ❋ Unknown (2006)

If you carry a balance of X, you want to pay attention to how much more you're paying in interest to get the frequent flier miles, because you don't want to be, overall, spending *more* to get them than you would to just buy the plane tickets. ❋ Unknown (2006)

Regarding love me love my dog, couldn't agree more, the dog is a member of your family, others bring spoiled rotten misbehaving obnoxious children, why not bring a friendly well trained housebroken pet..much better company than a child..more lovable too! ❋ Seeking Solace (2005)

I don't think anybody argued it's pocket change, I think the point is more that good software saves you enough time and effort that it's worth *more* than pocket change. ❋ Unknown (2004)

If one is not satisfied with a bundle theory of substance, so that one thinks that an individual substance is more than a collection of properties, how is one to understand this ˜more™? ❋ Robinson, Howard (2004)

In one famous scene, Oliver is severely punished for asking for more gruel, or porridge (“Please, sir, I want some more”). ❋ Unknown (2002)

Everything about her frustrates me anymore .... and all i can do is think about * someone more and more* ❋ Lily-white (2001)

"oh baby... yeah... oh yeah... ahhhhh yeah... ahhh thats it yeah fuck... oh thats good yeah... ah yeah Ah AH AHAHAHAHAHAHA YEAH [FUCK ME BABY] YEAH MORE AH [HARD YEAH] [FUCK BABY] YEAH MORE MORE FUCK ME MORE GIVE ME MORE YEAH" etc etc ❋ StickyGooPants (2004)

[no more] ❋ Suklaa (2017)

"dude, when I was [screwing] [your sister] last night she was screaming give me more, [over and over again]" ❋ Cough* (2004)

"[C'mon] [lets go] into [Wilmslow]. More!" ❋ BrynD (2006)

more [books] ❋ Djprozac (2009)

more [urban dictionary] ❋ Peeter (2004)

No more. Oh no, did I [just say that]? I didn't mean to; really. I [take it back]. You are amazing. You can have [ALL OF ME] instead. ❋ Femalesheep (2014)

You should [come over] [my house] to [study]...and more. ❋ Minivantheman (2006)

What I’m [morely] trying to say is that I don’t think we should be together anymore. I [chose] to go home early because the party was [lame] and I morely just didn’t want to be hung-over tomorrow. I morely just think his girlfriend is a bitch. ❋ Felix87 (2012)

"want to come to Moree [on a Plate] with me?" "Sure!, I love trying great food from [diverse] [cultures]" ❋ Australia'sGeographywizzard! (2015)

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