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Definitions of "most"

  • Greatest in number: won the most votes. adjective
  • Greatest in amount, extent, or degree: has the most compassion. adjective
  • In the greatest number of instances: Most fish have fins. adjective
  • The greatest amount or degree: She has the most to gain. noun
  • Slang The greatest, best, or most exciting. Used with the: That party was the most! noun
  • The greatest part or number: Most of the town was destroyed. Most of the books were missing. pronoun
  • In or to the highest degree or extent. Used with many adjectives and adverbs to form the superlative degree: most honest; most impatiently. adverb
  • Very: a most impressive piece of writing. adverb
  • Informal Almost: Most everyone agrees. adverb
  • at (the) most At the maximum: We saw him for ten minutes at the most. She ran two miles at most. idiom
  • Superlative form of much. determiner
  • Superlative form of many. adverb
  • Superlative form of much. adverb
  • Forms the superlative of many adjectives. adverb
  • To a great extent or degree; highly; very. adverb
  • The greatest amount. noun
  • A record-setting amount. noun
  • Consisting of the greatest number or quantity; greater in number or quantity than all the rest; nearly all.
  • Greatest in degree.

The word "most" in example sentences

Anyone who edits Chinglish for a living, as I do, will recognize that very common most of ____ error for most___ or most of the ______.. [Archive 2009-03-01]

The existance of a creator, or lack there of, is unprovable and rightly so, if there was proof there would be no need for faith so the most basic tenant of *most* theology is safe from contradiction.. [Your Creation Museum Report « Whatever]

Given America’s superior technology, it is reasonable to assume that if the US launched a “preemptive” nuclear or conventional attack on Iran, we would wipe out most of their nuclear facilities, although probably not all. former president and nuclear engineer, Jimmy Carter, observed “most Iranian nuclear facilities are now spread over a wide area and buried deep underground.. [Printing: Iran - Deja Vu All Over Again]

The most prominent instance of this strategy is his embrace of an atomist matter theory as a ˜most likely hypothesis™.. [Pierre Gassendi]

And if we place more and most before other adverbs, the effect is the same; as, skilfully, _more_ skilfully, _most_ skilfully.. [English Grammar in Familiar Lectures]

Walt Whitman as one of the most, if not _the most_, perfect example of whom we have any record of cosmic consciousness and its sublime effects upon the character and personality of the illumined one.. [Cosmic Consciousness]

"I have a strange feeling, my boy -- for once, I find myself unable to explain -- most odd, _most_ odd ... five hundredth birthday ....". [David and the Phoenix]

Where the adjectives and adverbs have two or more syllables, most of them are compared by the use of the adverbs _more_ and _most_, or, if the comparison be a descending one, by the use of _less_ and _least_; as, _beautiful, more beautiful, most beautiful_, and. [Practical Grammar and Composition]

Accordingly, not only is energy applauded, but that energy applauded most that _does most_.. [Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine — Volume 54, No. 333, July 1843]

"The deliberate convictions of the most matured consideration I can give the subject, are, that the institution of slavery is a _most serious injury to the habits, manners and morals_ of our white population -- that it leads to sloth, indolence, dissipation, and vice.". [The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus]

But one of the most important elements -- in fact, the _most_ important -- is wanting in the tables before us, and that is, the elevation at which these thousands of specimens were obtained.. [Life: Its True Genesis]

The pigeonhole contained most of the “honors” that have come to me of late years, —the nominations to membership in societies, guilds, and committees, in conventions at home and abroad, —most of them declined, as I declined Governor Roosevelt’s request that I should serve on the last Tenement-House Commission, for the reason which I have given heretofore, that to represent is not my business.. [The American Made]

Mr Humphreys, 'continued Cooper, tapping him impressively on the chest, --' don't you run away with the impression that I wish to say aught but what is most creditable -- _most_ creditable -- of your respected uncle and my late employer.. [Ghost Stories of an Antiquary Part 2: More Ghost Stories]

Mucius Scævola's the most popular -- everybody asked him, but I think he'll feel _most_ at home with Daisy Williams.. [In Brief Authority]

A reprimand at the most, _at the most_, was called for, and. [Through the Wall]

"The volumes are profusely illustrated and contain the most entertaining sketches in Mr. Stockton's _most entertaining_ manner.". [Sara Crewe or, What Happened at Miss Minchin's]

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