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In western music, a motet is a mainly vocal musical composition, of highly diverse form and style, from the late medieval era to the present. The motet was one of the pre-eminent polyphonic forms of Renaissance music. According to Margaret Bent, "a piece of music in several parts with words" is as precise a definition of the motet as will serve from the 13th to the late 16th century and beyond. The late 13th-century theorist Johannes de Grocheo believed that the motet was "not to be celebrated in the presence of common people, because they do not notice its subtlety, nor are they delighted in hearing it, but in the presence of the educated and of those who are seeking out subtleties in the arts"..

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  • Plural form of motet. noun

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The prologue and 12 movements that make up Prophetiae Sibyllarum are joined by a mass, a magnificat and three marvellous motets, including the sumptuous "Tristis est anima mea".. [Lassus: Prophetiae Sibyllarum – review]

For the dedication, the choir sang Palestrina's Missa Aeterna Christi Munera with motets by Victoria and Vaugh-Williams.. [Restoration and Dedication of a Chapel at St. Gabriel's in Stamford, CT: The St. Philip Neri Chapel]

To continue to replace the texts of the Mass being celebrated with motets that are reverent and devout, yet out of keeping with the Mass of the day amounts to continuing an unacceptable ambiguity: it is to cheat the people.. [The Proper Place of Propers]

In addition, we sang motets before Mass and ended with the recessional as the Marian antiphon for Lent, Ave Regina Caelorum, which the crowd sang with great gusto.. [St. Cecilia Schola in Birmingham, Alabama]

As another addition, he has a book of Marian motets for SSA trio -- works that should be useful and beautiful in any parish.. [Music by Richard Rice: An Outpouring]

Mass was sung in Latin according to the Missal of Paul VI, with a polyphonic Ordinary and motets sung by the Oratory choir; as always the ceremonial was perfectly executed in a manner for which the English Oratorians are justly renown.. [Cardinal Pell in Oxford]

The Mass schedule begins with an English ordinary form, with propers drawn from the many resources newly available online and the work of Fr. Weber, as well as a chant setting by Ted Marier, and two English motets.. [The Colloquium Playlist is available]

Finally, on Sunday a polyphonic choir will sing the Mass for Five Voices by Byrd, along with motets by Byrd, Handl, and Victoria.. [The Colloquium Playlist is available]

Two motets will be sung, both Victoria and Josquin.. [The Colloquium Playlist is available]

In addition to the Propers and various motets by Perosi and Ravenello provided by a small schola, the Missa de Angelis was sung for the Ordinary.. [Saint Paul Parish Philadelphia Concludes the Year of St. Paul and Begins a Weekly Missa Cantata]

The Mass is at Saturday noon, and so we faced a number of choices over proper texts and motets.. [Highest Call, Birmingham, Alabama]

Before Mass, we will sing a few motets appropriate to the season, and then begin with the Entrance antiphon.. [Highest Call, Birmingham, Alabama]

Choral motets will be sung by the Choir of the National Shrine directed by Dr. Peter Latona.. [Fall Pilgrimage: Gregorian Chant]

And music became available, with hymnals and choral motets going out to every parish.. [Media and the Reform Movement]

The schedule continues with an orchestral Mass by Josef Haydn along with motets by Victoria and Palstrina, and Gregorian propers.. [The Colloquium Playlist is available]

Men's and women's scholas sang all the propers, in addition to motets by Victoria and Palestrina, some amazing organ improvisations by Horst Buchholz, the ordinary Mass IV sung from the first to the last, and concluding with Ut Queant Laxis for the Feast of St. John the Baptist.. [Mass with Cardinal George]

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@CatholicCT: New Haven Latin Mass Jan. 20, 2p. The Music for the Sacred Liturgy will include the Missa de Angelis, the Gregorian proper…


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AMILLY (45). Scherzi Musicali, le 3 fév 2019. Motets du bruxellois FIOCCO : annonce et critique sur @CLASSIQUENEWS

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Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina   Motets for 5 voices
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina Motets for 5 voices
Josquin Desprez - Motets & Chansons - The Hilliard Ensemble
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