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A mother is the female parent of a child. Mothers are women who inhabit or perform the role of bearing some relation to their children, who may or may not be their biological offspring. Thus, dependent on the context, women can be considered mothers by virtue of having given birth, by raising their child(ren), supplying their ovum for fertilisation, or some combination thereof. Such conditions provide a way of delineating the concept of motherhood, or the state of being a mother. Women who meet the third and first categories usually fall under the terms 'birth mother' or 'biological mother', regardless of whether the individual in question goes on to parent their child. Accordingly, a woman who meets only the second condition may be considered an adoptive mother, and those who meet only the third a surrogacy mother. The above concepts defining the role of mother are neither exhaustive nor universal, as any definition of 'mother' may vary based on how social, cultural, and religious roles are defined. The parallel conditions and terms for males: those who are (typically biologically) fathers do not, by definition, take up the role of fatherhood. Mother and fatherhood are not limited to those who are or have parented. Women who are pregnant may be referred to as expectant mothers or mothers-to-be, though such applications tend to be less readily applied to (biological) fathers or adoptive parents. The process of becoming a mother has been referred to as "matrescence". .

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Definitions of "mothers"

  • Plural form of mother. noun
  • Same as mother-water. noun

The word "mothers" in example sentences

My problem with MILF is that it implies that one needs to distinguish attractive women *within* the category of mothers, which to my mind further implies that there's something about *mothers*, specifically, as a group, that suggests sexually unattractiveness unless otherwise specified.. [Got MILF?]

The Poor Little Rich Girl, Etc. _A story for all mothers who have daughters and for all daughters who have mothers_. [Apron-Strings]

While at our weekly Holy Hour of Adoration I read the following: Have pity on Me, you the mothers and wives whom I have ennobled..mothers and wives whose great influence may be used in My favor or against Me on the souls of your own who love you...especially you, mothers and wives who in My goodness I have placed on a Christian pedestal, that in the complete accomplishment of your duty, you might be a model for those around you.. [Holy Hour Meditation - Jesus Addresses Wives and Mothers on Modesty]

They say to their mothers, Where is corn and wine? when they swooned as the wounded in the streets of the city, when their soul was poured out into their mothers’ bosom” (Lam. ii.. [Articles 19-27. Twenty-Seven Articles Respecting the Reformation of the Christian Estate]

Yet, I am stunned when I Google the phrase "mothers against war".. [Katherine Tasheff: Could Mothers Do More?]

Depression in mothers is known to hamper children's academic performance and mental health.. [Study: New dads' depression hurts kids, too]

Another thing about dating single mothers is their geographical inflexibility.. [David Wygant: Single Mothers Are Yummy... If You're the Right Kind of Man]

Together these studies clearly support the importance of addressing obesity in mothers before and during pregnancy - an intervention that will hopefully prove beneficial to both mother and child.. [Dr. Sharma’s Obesity Notes » Blog Archive » Time to Limit Weight Gain in Pregnancy?]

The percentage of births to unmarried mothers is increasing worldwide, according to a new federal report that shows a universal upward trend over the last 25 years.. [Out-of-wedlock births on the rise worldwide]

As well, systemic support for unmarried or disabled mothers is disregarded.. [ProWomanProLife » Calling on Canadian doctors to restore their integrity]

But I will say that this article about how timing in our culture for mothers is all wrong struck a chord with me.. [ProWomanProLife » Teen moms]

The taxpayer has become the father: one in four mothers is single and more than half live on welfare [in the UK].. [ProWomanProLife » Yes, what about just helping pregnant women?]

Making things worse for mothers is one of the failures of feminism.. [ProWomanProLife » Brave or nuts? That is the question]

According to a new study that looked at the sleep life of postpartum mothers from the birth of the babies until they were four months old, new moms may often get a decent amount of sleep -- an average of 7.2 hours to be exact -- but here's the catch: they don't get the quality of sleep they really need.. [Dr. Michael J. Breus: Sleep Tips for New Mothers: Quality vs. Quantity]

I think the idea that there are impossible standards placed on mothers is pure fiction.. [The Bad Mother Manifesto | Her Bad Mother]

Destroying more than 4000 Palestinians and killing over 1300 people the majority of whom are children and their mothers is only an argument that the aggressors can put forward as self defense.. [Slaughter “A Product of Circumstance” « Blog]

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ALL MOTHERS, answer honestly 😍 - How did you find out? Missed period for both -How far along were you when you fo…

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