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Definitions of "motorless"

  • Without a motor (machine or device). adjective
  • having no motor. Opposite of motorized. adjective
  • having no motor adjective

The word "motorless" in example sentences

They will become do-it-yourselfers, making their own meals, entertaining at home, watching Netflix, creating their own culture of the home, finding out how to repair their own things and mowing the lawn with an old fashioned motorless push mower, sewing their own clothes, etc.. [When Children Are Grown]

Then the reporter throws in this stuff: The bridge "may carry motorless people in such a way as to eliminate scraped knees and the hurled epithet.". [The hurled turgidity (Jack Bog's Blog)]

If Antonio relies on Forrest's promise and buys the motorless boat, Forrest cannot then deny his promise to sell Antonio the motor at the agreed-upon price.. [Legal Definitions]

Among other things, he was on some kind of self-propelled motorless scooter.. [Platinum]

Check it out, learn by example, and scour your own video libraries for that rubber shark, that stuffed lion, that motorless second hand octopus whose floppy plight once touched your heart and then put your pain in writing.. [Here, Dummy Dummy]

They all made much the same argument — the needs for an unconfined, virile type of recreation, especially big game hunting and motorless travel — but each was addressed to a different audience.. [Aldo Leopold's Legacy]

Some time back, I came across a simple, motorless,automatic solar tracker that could be used to keep a solar panel oriented toward the sun during the course of the day.. [Solar Power and RVs]

Above those sounds is a narration from your personal local guide who tells you how cable cars work (they are motorless) and where you can find the best street musicians (Pier 39).. [Archive 2006-02-01]

Where's the once familiar slick-slick sound of the motorless lawn mower?. [Flip-Flops for Summer]

They'd overhaul this motorless balloon, bring the prisoners back—And Charlie realized the king would doubtless order the Hoka's execution.. [Hokas Pokas]

Two mechanics had come up to steady the wings for the initial ten or fifteen feet of the motorless craft's passage over the ground behind the towing craft.. [Mercenary]

"Well, then I think - usually - there is an awful moment when I have to tell her I can't afford both a motor and a wife; and to be motorless would kill me.". [Winding Paths]

Two of the prominent developments of 1911 were the introduction of the hydro-aeroplane and the motorless glider experiments of the. [Flying Machines: construction and operation; a practical book which shows, in illustrations, working plans and text, how to build and navigate the modern airship]

SEOUL, South Korea - South Korea's Red Cross says it has repatriated two North Koreans after their motorless fishing boat drifted south in strong currents earlier this week.. [ rss feed]

AP SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea's Red Cross says it has repatriated two North Koreans after their motorless fishing boat drifted south in strong currents earlier this week.. [Breaking News: CBS News]

That's the favorite ploy of freebie bike advocates to suggest that taxes paid for operating a motor vehicle provides a free pass for pedaling around on a motorless vehicle as well.. [The Seattle Times]

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akhirnya aku motorless dong :') gak tau mau pulang pake apaaa maunya pakai gojek sii, tapi .... akhirnya terdampar…


Dude motorless treadmills are one of the best exercises


Motor City 20 Motorless 13 #CUsRise


A history lesson in the U.S. Army's use of motorless gliders to train pilots in WWII.


Motorless flying drones. These are tiny. And silent. It will be interesting to see what they will be used for.

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