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Definitions of "movements"

  • Plural form of movement. noun

The word "movements" in example sentences

Because churches were the most important autonomous organizations in the black community, they were the natural places for oppositional social movements to form; in a sense, the church played the same role in the civil rights movement that the tavern and the cafe did in many European social ­movements.. [NYT > Home Page]

"The nervous fluid," he says, "can, then, undergo movements in certain parts of its mass, as well as in every part at once; moreover, it is these latter movements which constitute the _general movements_. [Lamarck, the Founder of Evolution His Life and Work]

This can happen if a manager chooses to enter and exit stock positions over long time horizons in an effort to mitigate sudden short term movements in the securities it is trying to sell or acquire.. [The Real Cost Of Owning A Mutual Fund]

"Our focus isn't on the short term movements of the stock, it's maximizing shareholder value," Audette said at the Reuters Global Wealth Management Summit.. []

"And I found what they call movements-I call them motors-and then we replaced the movements and fixed the lights inside the clock, and cleaned the stained glass facing," Kephart said.. []

Failure to join in these movements is consequently a form of infidelity.. [Bizarre]

So I guess you can argue that they're saying what they're going to say about it outdoors in a rally at a place so associated with political movements is just really another step.. [Peter Sagal: Some Political Freedoms Just For Laughs]

But honestly wanting to join those movements is not the way to become a leader for your side.. [Think Progress » REPORT: A Closer Look At Consumer Protections In Dodd’s Financial Reform Bill]

As it scans, the cantilever bounces up and down, and data from these movements is compiled to generate a picture of that surface.. [Friday Pix]

Yakhya Massaly wonders whether the rapid growth of citizen movements is due to the failure of political parties or a genuine need for citizen participation as advocated by famed musician Youssou Ndour (fr).. [Global Voices in English » India: Perspectives on Growing up in India]

Ms. Lagarde declined to comment further on the yen, saying "I don't comment on short-term movements of a particular currency.". [IMF Head Suggests Yen Intervention Justified]

These may or may not come in time as short-term protests evolve into long-term movements.. [Miles Mogulescu: The Krugman/Stiglitz Army Is on the March (and It's Too Late for Michael Bloomberg to Stop It)]

But they base policy on the expected path of overall inflation over a couple of years, rather than on short-term movements.. [Bernanke Recasts His Language on Inflation]

The video above, produced and distributed by the OL and AN youth movements, is the type of thing that likely got them into hot water.. [Global Voices in English » Azerbaijan: Youth activist, prominent blogger imprisoned after trial behind closed doors]

First, boycotting would exclude opposition parties and movements from the core of political life, namely electoral competition and parliamentary participation.. [Michele Dunne: Finding Meaning in the Egyptian Elections]

The conservative movement, like all revolutionary movements, is premised on dividing the country into us and them, and making sure that the powers of the state benefit us instead of them.. [Matthew Yglesias » Sarah Palin, Disability, and Fair-Weather Small-Government Advocates]

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