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Definitions of "much"

  • Great in quantity, degree, or extent: not much rain; much affection. adjective
  • A large quantity or amount: Much has been written. noun
  • Something great or remarkable: The campus wasn't much to look at. noun
  • To a great degree or extent: much smarter. adverb
  • Just about; almost: much the same. adverb
  • Frequently; often: doesn't get out much. adverb
  • as much Almost the same: I thought as much. She said as much. idiom
  • To a great extent. adverb
  • Often; frequently. adverb
  • A large amount or great extent. pronoun
  • Great in quantity; long in duration adjective
  • Many in number. adjective
  • High in rank or position. adjective
  • To a great degree or extent; greatly; abundantly; far; nearly. adverb
  • A great quantity; a great deal; also, an indefinite quantity. noun
  • A thing uncommon, wonderful, or noticeable; something considerable. noun
  • Great in size; big; large.
  • Great in quantity or extent; abundant.
  • Many in number.

The word "much" in example sentences

I don't like how they're just using Harry Potter for money, but if they're gonna do two, at least they can take it much more in-depth and add much more detail than they might have done with one. bird does anyone know what the whole fighting scene is where they show harry ron and hermione running thru a forest? i dont remember that in the books.... [Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Teaser Trailer | /Film]

He needs to loose the wieght because it will make him feel much *much* better, the vet agrees.. [Dog Tank | SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles]

Instead I spent too much time writing notes, making the effort to find just the right words to show how much… anyway, the point is that I should have just been sending them all along.. [admit-it Diary Entry]

I would never have thought of this combination Mansi..thanks so much for sharing this beautiful recipe..much better way to have caffeine than drink that regular coffee at work!. [Layered Coffee Cheesecake]

Right now, even the best minds on earth haven't figured out how to supply enough energy to meet demand at * current* levels, much less supply enough energy to meet * growing* demands, a problem which will only get * much* worse as China and India (among many growing economies) continue to grow.. [humiliating kick in the crotch]

- Guinevere's party stops along the way for a cup of tea; tea wasn't imported to England until much, * much* later.. [The Movie Goofs List Version 2.0 by Murray Chapman]

_ I wish he wouldn't talk so much, and look more where he is going -- we're _much_ too near the hedge!. [Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 103, October 1, 1892]

"That will be much _much_ the more pleasurable for me.". [A Voyage of Consolation (being in the nature of a sequel to the experiences of 'An American girl in London')]

The solution may be kept always exposed, and much improves by this: if _much_ used, it should be replenished with a simple solution of hypo. three ounces or two ounces to the pint; if little used, it may be filled up as much as evaporates with pure water.. [Notes and Queries, Number 192, July 2, 1853 A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary Men, Artists, Antiquaries, Genealogists, etc]

Oh! could I now but impress upon your minds, how much, how _very much_ of your happiness depends on the way you begin.. [A Book for the Young]

She smiled at him in the wings, smoothed her fluffy blond hair at him, and told him in confidence that she was a high-school graduate, that she was used to much, oh, _much_ better companies, and was playing under canvas for a lark.. [The Trail of the Hawk A Comedy of the Seriousness of Life]

I can readily give credit to Burnet’s story; because I have observed too much of a similar spirit (for a little of it is “much too much”) amongst ourselves.. [Paras. 250-274]

Now it is wonderful and ideal again, much wonderfuller and _much_ more ideal.. [Fantasia of the Unconscious]

I was much, _much_ obliged to you for the kind few lines you wrote to me -- how long ago!. [The Letters of Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1 of 2)]

This account is, perhaps, too favorable, [7] and will appear so to you when you see her, as I am afraid you will, not looking much better, _much_ more cheerful, than when you paid us your last visit.. [The Letters of Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1 of 2)]

The comp. māre must be supplied before þone in: medo-ærn micel ... (māre) þone yldo beam ǣfre ge-frūnon, 69; ge-trume micle, 923; micle (_by much, much_); micle lēofre (_far dearer_),. [Beowulf]

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