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Definitions of "mucho"

  • much; a great deal of adjective

The word "mucho" in example sentences

Nos estamos convirtiendo, sin mucho esfuerzo, en una mala copia del PRI.. [La Profesora Abstraida]

"Te quiero mucho," is he really telling me he loves me??. [M�s con un/una]

When my friend says, "Te quiero mucho," is he really telling me he loves me??. [M�s con un/una]

In other words, learn the Spanish phrase "mucho gusto.". []

The top selling non-fiction book Blink is coining mucho bling for Malcolm Gladwell, yet in 1997 Gladwell wrote a New Yorker article called "The Sports Taboo: Why blacks are like boys and whites are like girls," which made exactly the same argument as Larry Summers made about what is innately different in the capabilities of males and females -- that men have a larger standard deviation on many traits, so there are more men at the top and bottom of the bell curves.. [Archive 2005-02-27]

Charles Hurwitz … from texas, if I’m not mistaken … in mucho hot water … good for him.. [Think Progress » After warmest January in history, Vancouver airlifts in snow for Winter Olympics.]

I don't know exactly what would have happened if he hadn't've been, but I think it would have been what Wireman calls mucho feo - very ugly.. [Duma Key]

Go to most countries outside of the US and you'll see lots of insignificant cartoons and caricatures that would be considered "mucho" offensive in the US.. [[India eNews]

{{lang | es | '' mucho ''}} are not descended from the same form or borrowed from one language to the other;. [Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]]

Now the people I meet just give a nod and a handshake and say simply "mucho gusto".. [What Were The First Words or Phrases You Learned?]

When I took high school Spanish, we learned the proper response to an introduction was "Con mucho gusto en conocerle".. [What Were The First Words or Phrases You Learned?]

Back then but even today, not as often though, I periodically find myself asking with a smile and sort of a visible semi small pinch with my index finger and thumb: Lo agradezco mucho si me puedes hablar un poquito más despacio, gracias.. [What Were The First Words or Phrases You Learned?]

I will come and visit you and I will bring mucho 5 peso coins and you give me .75 cents each, OK ..... [Any Chiapas backroad driving experts?]

En los alrededores se conserva mucho sus características originales como áreas boscosas y lugares de interés como la antigua planta de luz eléctrica que abastecía de este servicio a la ciudad de Morelia a principios del siglo pasado.. [Land for sale / Terreno en venta Tirio, Michoac�n]

Due to its geographical position, the is direct sunlight on mucho of the property all year, with pleasant temperatures and cool breezes.. [Land for sale / Terreno en venta Tirio, Michoac�n]

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Enfermera de Quirófano. Mucho más que técnica.


@unpicaflor @axelgxmxnxz Ay no por favor! No dejes de intentar, corren mucho peligro en la calle 😭

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