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Uria is a genus of seabirds in the auk family known in Britain as guillemots, in most of North America as murres, and in Newfoundland and Labrador as turr. These are medium-sized birds with mainly brown or black plumage in the breeding season. They breed on the coasts of the northern Atlantic and Pacific Oceans..

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  • Plural form of murre. noun

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Historically, seabirds were an important component of the subsistence lifestyle for coastal peoples, but today seabird harvesting for birds and eggs is much less widespread, although improved hunting technologies have tended to increase harvests on species such as murres [31].. [Management and conservation of marine mammals and seabirds in the Arctic]

The ones with thin bills? they are guillemots, "murres" as we call them in Devon: but in some places they call them "marrocks," from what they say.. [Madam How and Lady Why]

The water's edge was silent, save for gentle winds, the flapping of the wings of murres and the occasional, jarring rifle shot.. [In the Arctic, Sleeping Soundly]

Thousands of murres stood on narrow ledges, faces to the wall, each protecting its one egg.. [Where Birds Rule the Earth]

Dainty black-legged kittiwakes and glaucous gulls flew in swirling clouds overhead while black-and-white thick-billed and common murres skimmed low across the water, looking like tuxedo-clad squadrons on maneuvers.. [Where Birds Rule the Earth]

Likewise, 10,000 -- or for that matter 200,000 -- fulmars or common murres can die in the Gulf of Alaska almost unnoticed.. [ Massive Bird, Fish Kills in Alaska -- No One Noticed]

They might have been either murres or eider ducks; we didn't have the binoculars, so we're not sure.. ["While my feet are the trunks and my head is the canopy, high..."]

But we watched gulls and murres, cormorants and crows.. ["A house on fire or a rising sea?" (2)]

Many of us at the aquarium engaged in lively exchanges with visitors who insisted they saw penguins in Alaska or other locations in the Northern Hemisphere, but they likely saw razorbills, murres, puffins, guillemots, or other birds in the auk family.. [The Great Penguin Rescue]

But if you're one who's not looking for a peaceful rest in your unconscious days of being dead; actually prefers the thunderous sound of ocean waves constantly slamming into the rocks; doesn't mind sharing quarters with cormorants and common murres; and is thoroughly amused by the image of Charon as a helicopter pilot ferrying your soul across the Styx on whirring oars, then simply contact the proprietors.. [A Real Columbarium in the Pacific]

Differential responses of common and thick-billed murres to a crash in the capelin stock in the southern Barents Sea.. [Future change in processes and impacts on Arctic biota]

Hydrographic features, cetaceans and the foraging of thick-billed murres and other marine birds in the northwestern Barents Sea.. [Future change in processes and impacts on Arctic biota]

There are acknowledged management problems and murres, eiders, and Arctic terns have all recently declined due to overexploitation.. [Management and conservation of marine mammals and seabirds in the Arctic]

Piscivorous alcids (murres, razorbills, puffins, guillemots, murrelets) feed further up the food chain, as they consume bait fish.. [Alcids in marine ecosystems]

The most intense consumptive use of seabirds in Canada occurs in Newfoundland and Labrador, where thick-billed and common murres are harvested based on a set hunting season and bag limits.. [Management and conservation of marine mammals and seabirds in the Arctic]

Alcidae is the name for a family of marine birds that includes murres, razorbills, dovekies, puffins, guillemots, auklets, and murrelets.. [Alcids in marine ecosystems]

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Meet the Underwater Rocket Bird | National Geographic
Meet the Underwater Rocket Bird | National Geographic
Common Murres Machias Seal Island, NB, Canada
Common Murres Machias Seal Island, NB, Canada
Bird Nerd - Common Murres
Bird Nerd - Common Murres

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