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Definitions and meanings of "Muskrats"

What do we mean by muskrats?

A large aquatic rodent (Ondatra zibethicus).

Any of several species of shrews in the family Soricidae, especially the Asian house shrew, Suncus murinus

Somebody who worships Elon Musk to a Pious level, and will defend Elon Musk no matter if he does something deserving of criticism. Urban Dictionary

Noun; One who engages in rebellious destruction, most often attributable to substance consumption. Urban Dictionary

An employee of Elon Musk or one of his companies Urban Dictionary

A pretentious asshole that spends more time faking productivity than actually working. Urban Dictionary

A code word used to stop a conversation when something needs to be covered up because it is embarrassing,private, or about a person who just walked in on the conversation. Urban Dictionary

When you put every foreseeable step into a plan to ensure success, when suddenly out of no where, an unforeseen issues arises totally ruining the plan. Urban Dictionary

The patch of hair that sometimes grows at the top of the ass crack. Usually becomes visible when the person bends over. Urban Dictionary

A small penis that is over powered by the bush that surrounds it; when a man's pubes are more impressive than their penis. Urban Dictionary

Slang. Prevalent throughout the Midwest, the South, Canada, Eastern European countries and in certain sports like Hockey and Baseball. Facial hair that includes a mustache that connects to a goatee, to form a continuous circle of hair. The facial analogy of the mullet. Also known as a Van Dyke. Urban Dictionary

The performance of sobriety when drunk, on drugs, etc. Urban Dictionary

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The word "muskrats" in example sentences

Flooding during spring breakup also provides sediments and nutrients to deltas [40], which in turn help sustain unique and highly productive habitats for plant and animal species, including fish, waterfowl, and small mammals such as muskrats (Ondatra zibethicus) [41]. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The process, unknown in polite circles here, though practised by the factory town "muskrats," was taught my babies by the Vanderveer boy during the Christmas holidays, which, being snowy and bright, drew the colony to the Bluffs for coasting, skating, etc., giving father such a river of senseless accidents to wade through that he threatens to absent himself and take refuge with Martin Cortright in his Irving Place den for holiday week next year. ❋ Mabel Osgood Wright (1896)

But investigations have found only evidence of other animals such as muskrats or raccoons. ❋ BILL RADFORD (2010)

Yes | No | Report from Drew Steven Knoop wrote 9 weeks 4 days ago muskrats and a coon!! ❋ Unknown (2009)

I loved animals and I tried to imagine how many muskrats gave up their lives to make this big, beautiful coat. ❋ Jack Canfield (2011)

On Tuesday afternoon, dead muskrats and fish could be spotted on what was the lakes 'shorelines, and the air was pungent. ❋ Derek Kravitz (2010)

Michiganders love muskrats because the state imposes no limit on the number a trapper can take, which is not the case for otters, martens or bobcats. ❋ Joel Millman (2012)

Minks and muskrats might belong under state jurisdiction in some special circumstances, but you have to have feds in charge of the larger rodents. ❋ Unknown (2009)

All Comments from fliphuntr14 wrote 10 weeks 1 day ago otters or muskrats and is that a fisher? ❋ Unknown (2009)

My year went bad i only trapped 3 muskrats 3 coons 2 oppusum and one fat stinker oh and one sqiural ❋ Unknown (2010)

Nowdays with the hundreds of resident Canada Geese, ducks, heasants, squirrels, and random beaver, muskrats, quail there a .22 is still your best bet. ❋ Unknown (2009)

On Tuesday afternoon, dead muskrats and fish could be spotted on what was the lakes 'shorelines and the air was pungent. ❋ Derek Kravitz (2010)

Octogenarian Jersey City native Johnny Rohweder got his nickname for his skill at trapping muskrats—which he does to this very day—in the now-blighted Meadowlands. ❋ Steve Dollar (2011)

Yes | No | Report from Drew Steven Knoop wrote 1 week 1 day ago we did very well on the muskrats, so far we have sold about 120 and we have another 40 to sell, 2 coon a couple fisher and a coyote! ❋ Unknown (2010)

All submitted comments are subject to the rules set forth in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. from fliphuntr14 wrote 10 weeks 1 day ago otters or muskrats and is that a fisher? ❋ Unknown (2009)

John: Hey fuck you Steve! So what if [Elon Musk] [fires] all of his pro union workers. He’s doing what he wants, he’s basically God. Steve: John, you’re such a fucking [muskrat]. ❋ Airboatgatorpark (2018)

David and I were such Muskrats. After the game, we rioted, inflicting [thousands] of [dollars] worth of [damage]. ❋ Hobson The Muskrat (2013)

Those Muskrats over at [Tesla] are [screwing] up [traffic] again. ❋ Cola2018 (2018)

Muskrat is busier than [a one] [legged] cat in a [sand box], but he ain't done shit! ❋ L337hax0r777 (2016)

Person 1- Man that Matt Kid is a [fa]... Person 2- [Muskrat],[muskrat]. Matt- [Hi guys]! ❋ Terr Ahlander (2008)

Ricky got [muskratted] when only one [foreman] on site had permit training, and the [laid off] the foreman that morning. ❋ Rickybobby1 (2019)

When Steve [bent over] [at work] I could see that his muskrat was very [bushy]. ❋ Ruggala (2004)

[The girl] was diggin' my style until I [dropped] my pants and she saw the [muskrat]. ❋ RockCock555555 (2012)

When we went to the [sports bar], we saw half the guys watching [Nascar] sporting [muskrat's]. Look at Bruce, he's wearing a muskrat! ❋ Big Eddie (2006)

[My mom] came home after I'd taken 15 [tequila] [shots], but she didn't even know because I have such a good muskrat. ❋ Muskrat King (2012)

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