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Muslims (Arabic: مُسلِم‎) are people who follow or practice Islam, a monotheistic Abrahamic religion. Muslims consider the Quran, their holy book, to be the verbatim word of God as revealed to the Islamic prophet and messenger Muhammad. The majority of Muslims also follow the teachings and practices of Muhammad (sunnah) as recorded in traditional accounts (hadith). "Muslim" is an Arabic word meaning "submitter" (to God).The beliefs of Muslims include: that God (Arabic: الله‎ Allāh) is eternal, transcendent and absolutely one (tawhid); that God is incomparable, self-sustaining and neither begets nor was begotten; that Islam is the complete and universal version of a primordial faith that has been revealed before through many prophets including Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Moses, and Jesus; that these previous messages and revelations have been partially changed or corrupted over time (tahrif) and that the Qur'an is the final unaltered revelation from God (Final Testament)..

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    Video: Amtrak, senators push new Hudson rail project … Photo in Slideshow: Barack Obama, Scott Walker, Jim Schmitt Photo in Slideshow: Cantor speaks to the press at the Barack Obama has written a letter honoring the 28 men who died when a … Photo: Rolf Hellgardt accepts the proposal of marriage from his … Video: Obama has kicked smoking habit, first lady says … Article: Obama ripped in Congress over Egypt, Lebanon … Video: Obama has kicked smoking habit, first lady says Video: Why Americans Are Turning Against Obamacare Report Abuse ha ha you stupid democraps will freeze to death thanks to your one term muslim usurper president. [Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion]

    Furthermore census figures are yet to be conducted in muslim Northern Nigeria.. [Matthew Yglesias » And Now Nigeria]

    They back Islamic regimes despite the fact that homosexuality is a protected class except in muslim countries.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » Official Miami-Dade Transit Approval of the “Leaving Islam” Ads]

    I am also well aware that our very presence in muslim & arab lands provides the fuel & justification for some arabs & muslims to continue to fight against us.. [Kremlin: U.S. can ship weapons across Russia to Afghanistan]

    The Republican argument: We can spend 1 Trillion to provide freedom in muslim countries in a stupid war in Irak.. [New estimate puts health-care pricetag at $611 billion]

    Obama the muslim is coming out of the closet muck quicker than even I thought he would!!!. [State Department appoints envoy for Muslim outreach]

    Keith Ellison, the first congressman to be sworn in as a muslim is complaining about what?. ['Why should the liberals always cave?' Dem asks]

    Only so they can be gang-banged by 72 virgin muslim men in the afterlife.. [THE MUSLIMS ARE PROBLY GONNA HATE THIS]

    June 11th, 2008 4: 11 pm ET men kissing men in muslim countries is part of the culture. liberals seem to be crying for the unitied states of america to open talks with iran and it's president ... so why are the liberals shocked by the president of iraq kissing the president of iran? what gives?. [Blitzer: Awkward Iraq news for McCain campaign]

    I feel that a man that has his picture taken in muslim attire, and sets. [Why West Virginians turned out for Clinton]

    Erswi, in muslim countries it will be called Fred Allah. [FRED CLAUS STARS IN HARD-HITTING EXPOSE]

    The concept that the next Presidential election in America might be between a Mormon and a muslim is bizarre.. [Sound Politics: Re: Giuliani is looking interesting]

    There are a lot of dark skin muslim looking people working there, They might spike your slurpy with polonium.. [Sound Politics: "Only Fools Support Bush's Escalation"]

    Especially given that the definition of muslim is technically "one who submits or surrenders.". [Moderate Muslims as Dhimmi]

    I don't understand the mindset that defines you in some "personal choice" way (eg you must be offended by a cartoon becuase you are a muslim), when for most people, being a muslim is just like having XX chromosomes instead of XY -- just one of those things you can't do anything about.. [Speaking of Instapundit ...]

    : TenoArman (i wonder if that is arman, as in muslim arman. fm). [RSS Readers Inevitable Backlash]

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    @lonelyplanet: Across Russia are significant Muslim communities and sights that speak to over a millennium of Islamic culture in Russia:…


    @beth2_k3a: Sign and . This person was elected illegally, she hid truth from public and lied and is anti-American. Anti-Trump Muslim…


    @gabriele__jp: Hey did you know that your life is just as valuable as everyone else’s? You aren’t more valuable than a black person, an…

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    muslim image
    muslim image
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