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"Mind yo business bitch" 21 savage states this in one of his songs Urban Dictionary

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The word "mybb" in example sentences

Second your right I don't need it and finally it would be nice if phpbb3 had that feature because lets face it while I love phpbb3 I did consider changing to mybb becuse of features however I stuck it out with phpbb3 becuse I love you guys the forums are great and I know lots about pro sliver plus I have been using you for the last 3 years we have history ❋ Unknown (2010)

Rather you'd have gone for mybb its ugly but at least its got plugin installer .. they are all forum software, difference is some save time and some waste time .. by ChriZathens » Wed Feb 24, 2010 12: 28 pm ❋ DavidIQ (2010)

* I converted the MyBB1. 4 to SMF 1.1 first - everything was working here, too, I just closed the forum because I didn't set the right permissions - i wanted to do that when I finished my journey from mybb - > smf - > phpBB3. ❋ Ddegagne (2010)

I am trying to convert my mybb forum version: 1. 4.x (current mybb version) to the current phpbb version. ❋ D¡cky (2010)

The only problem left is, the attachments of mybb is not getting imported in vb. ❋ Nishant.soni (2010)

I have same error during conversion from mybb 1.4.11 to phpbb3. 0.6 ❋ Paul (2010)

•We can integrant forum on website through phpbb, mybb etc. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Like in mybb the name of the persons name is crossed out .. ❋ Unknown (2010)

I request user reputation like vbulletin, mybb, etc and Multipel Ranking but it's adding in phpbb system ... ❋ Jorup16 (2010)

Looking for someone to install pluggins and themes on mybb forum and they must all work before being paid. .will give 10.00 via pay pal to programmer that does this. ❋ Mike37 (2010)

I have tested it in mybb migration and the same error occurs in mybb. ❋ Smartgig (2010)

I need to find some time to deep digger into the mybb code to see how its really working, but there is some situation where the permissions are not set but there is somewhere a default set. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Person B:Why are you [yelling] at her? Person A:Why you [worried] like , [Mybb] " ❋ Tuuhhh_ (2016)

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