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Mythic Myth, an academic term for a sacred story concerning the origins of the world Myth and ritual, the two central components of religious practice Mythology, the body of myths from a particular culture or religion Mythic Entertainment, a computer game development studio.

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Definitions of "mythic"

  • Larger-than-life. adjective
  • Mythical; existing in myth. adjective
  • Of or relating to myths; described in a myth; of the nature of a myth; fabulous; imaginary; fanciful; mythological. adjective
  • Same as mythical.
  • relating to or having the nature of myth adjective
  • based on or told of in traditional stories; lacking factual basis or historical validity adjective

The word "mythic" in example sentences

It stems from the fact that the great metaphysical traditions, East and West-Sufi, Buddhist, neo-Confucian, Christian, Taoist-were all created at a time when the average stage of development was what we call mythic or premodern.. [unalog]

I also snagged a moment to chat with Andrew Probert, famed Hollywood production designer for many a space opera, from Star Trek to Battlestar Galactica to a certain mythic fan film that I got to ask him about.. [FCT Roadtrip Report: New England Fan Experience | Fan Cinema Today]

"There is a certain mythic element about these stories, but usually they're based in reality," says Joe Pika, a professor of political science at the University of Delaware.. [Though small in size, Delaware big on Biden]

They have a historical narrative that is of extreme importance to their view of the world, but the narrative is grounded in mythic figures such as The Founders, and The Greatest Generation, and REAGAN.. [Matthew Yglesias » Reaganesque]

Mythic-Literal Faith: The second stage we call mythic/literal faith.. [Fully Human, Fully Divine: James Fowler and Evelyn Underhill]

The redemption of man, therefore, must occur not in mythic space-time but in real space-time.. [Archive 2006-12-01]

Many people, finding this impossible to accept, seek solace in mythic expressions.. [the urge to know]

Fans no longer view the home run record in mythic terms.. [ - Bonds steadily approaches history]

See, the neat thing about stories, I think, especially fantasy stories where the archetypal aspect of the characters and the actions partake of the mythic, is that the rules of drama can fuck over any allegory.. [Thoughts on Narnia]

What I’m saying, if you read my blog, is that our need to perpetrate a certain mythic aura around wine (ie the label) is what is getting us into this mess.. [French winemakers found guilty in pinot noir fraud | Dr Vino's wine blog]

However, when our hero makes contact with the tribe he will learn to love and respect, it is time for the movie to display not only visual flair but also some gift for characterization and what we might call mythic anthropology (think The Lord of the Rings, which had this in abundance).. [Commonweal Magazine]

I'm really just using these as nominal labels for degrees of saturation or non-saturation with alethic quirks -- "mythic" for the point where the protagonist is themselves arcane/exotic/chimeric, "non-mythic" for the zones where the quirks are dissipated to the point of being subliminal or absent.. [A Theory of Modes and Modalities]

And leaving terms like "mythic" to be applied like on an overhead projector, where you might place a map of a road network down over a map of geological features.. [A Theory of Modes and Modalities]

And the kind of mythic framework that characterizes the struggles of London's characters, whether with nature or their fellow humans or within themselves, makes him nearly universal, now translated into over one hundred languages He is read in just about every country around the globe.. [Interview With Professor Jeanne Campbell Reesman]

BB: Because the Museum of Modern Art is kind of mythic to me, I felt it was extraordinary.. [Brad Balfour: Legendary Oscar-Winner Bernardo Bertolucci's Career Celebrated at MoMA]

The place has a kind of mythic reservation policy.. [The Scoop on a Hot Table]

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  • PronunciationsM IH1 TH IH0 K
  • Character6
  • Hyphenation myth ic


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