Definitions of "Naive"

Lacking worldly experience and understanding, especially. adjective

Simple and guileless; artless. adjective

Unsuspecting or credulous. adjective

Showing or characterized by a lack of sophistication and critical judgment. adjective

Not having experienced or been subjected to something, as. adjective

Not previously subjected to experiments. adjective

Not having previously taken or received a particular drug. adjective

One who is artless, credulous, or uncritical. noun

Simple; unsophisticated; ingenuous; artless.

In philosophy, unreflective; uncritical.

Having native or unaffected simplicity; ingenuous; artless; frank adjective

Having a lack of knowledge, judgment, or experience; especially, lacking sophistication in judging the motives of others; credulous. adjective

The word "Naive" in example sentences

Once it's here, it's spreading like a virus that's going into what we call a naive population. CNN Transcript Jul 23, 2009

At a news conference today with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, Mr. Bush took aim at what he called a naive conclusion and a political leak. CNN Transcript Sep 26, 2006

At a news conference today with the visiting president of Afghanistan, Mr. Bush attacked what he called a naive conclusion drawn from a major government report on the war on terror. CNN Transcript Sep 26, 2006

He directed his ire at Hansen who had used the word "naive" in his assessment of the game in Monday's newspaper. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

I also reject what I call the naive Austrian view, which is that the only information problem that markets cannot solve is that of seeing through the distortions caused by government money. Library of Economics and Liberty

While I'm more than a little nervous that "naive" is code for "adorkably clumsy," I'm crossing my fingers that the agent Bynes replaced us with knows what he or she is doing. Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch

(on camera): He says the U.S. should reject what he calls the naive and flawed thinking that by sitting down with terrorist groups and their sponsors like Iran, they'll stop being threats. CNN Transcript May 17, 2008

(on camera): He says the U.S. should reject what he calls the naive and flawed thinking that by sitting down with terrorist groups and their sponsors like Iran, they'll stop being threats. CNN Transcript May 18, 2008

There's lots of highly sohpisticated people here and on our city council, and in fact, being naive is a virtue; we're not so cynical. Seattle Cops Must Earn Our Respect. And They’re Not. « PubliCola

Now and then, rubbing his eyes vigorously, an editor catches a sudden glimpse of the revolution and breaks out in naive volubility, as, for instance, the one who wrote the following in the Chicago Chronicle: American socialists are revolutionists. Revolution

Perhaps ignorant, or naive, is a better description. Stephen White - An interview with author

What I find naive is the belief that we could have lived through the upheavals of the last 40 years and not observe a longing for the past alive in the hearts of those who are committing their lives to the service of the faith. What is going on at Mount St. Mary's?

But it's easy to forget the past — the present Sherlock, droll yet naive, is so wonderfully weird. Everything Old Is New Again

One would like to see him mock the scientists 'belief in naive realism while someone throws a brick at his head (if he ducks, he, too, believes in naive realism, if he doesn't, well there is a nice demonstration of how empirical experiment leads to reliable knowledge). Idiot America

Opik in naive in the extreme with these comments of his for that and other reasons I find it impossible to take the man seriously. Al-Qaeda: "It's time to talk to Lembit Opik"

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