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Definitions of "narrow"

  • Of small or limited width, especially in comparison with length. adjective
  • Limited in area or scope; cramped. adjective
  • Lacking flexibility; rigid. adjective
  • Barely sufficient; close. adjective
  • Painstakingly thorough or attentive; meticulous. adjective
  • Tense. adjective
  • To reduce in width or extent; make narrower. intransitive verb
  • To limit or restrict. intransitive verb
  • To become narrower; contract. intransitive verb
  • A part of little width, as a pass through mountains. noun
  • noun
  • A body of water with little width that connects two larger bodies of water. noun
  • A part of a river or an ocean current that is not wide. noun
  • Narrowly.
  • See nary.
  • Of little width or breadth; measuring relatively little from side to side; not wide or broad: as, a narrow channel or passage; a narrow ribbon.
  • Limited as regards extent, resources, means, sentiment, mental view, scope, individual disposition, or habits, etc.
  • Straitened; limited; impoverished: as, narrow fortune.
  • Contracted; lacking breadth or liberality of view; illiberal; bigoted.

The word "narrow" in example sentences

"David, you are _not_ big; you are narrow, narrow, _narrow_!. [The Grafters]

But to keep the definition narrow was the original compromise ... without which an agreement wouldn't have been possible, Tripathi said.. [Reuters: Top News]

But they do not want to get trapped in what they call a narrow strategy.. [CNN Transcript Oct 8, 2008]

It sounds like he just sort of grabbed on and whooshed down the tunnel—what we call the narrow path—right along with you.. [Night World No. 2]

For it is ever the temptation of young life to think lightly of their father's wisdom, and to despise what they call the narrow religious beliefs, and the careful moral scruples of the old, and to fancy that they know all things so much better than those who have gone before.. [Men of the Bible; Some Lesser-Known Characters]

Farhat has repeatedly tried to bypass what he calls a "narrow view" of the Internet by the Ministry of Telecommunications.. [Reuters: Press Release]

He critiqued the U.S. media for what he described as a narrow vision that does not include much international news.. []

Germany is demanding what it describes as a "narrow" revision of the Lisbon treaty to ensure new fiscal rules for the eurozone are placed on a legal basis.. [The Guardian World News]

In this case the translation of the English word narrow to German.. [KDE UserBase - Recent changes [en]]

School of Management professor Douglas Rae, a former city chief administrative officer, criticizes the Board of Aldermen for pursuing what he calls narrow-minded measures rather than policies beneficial to the entire city.. [Yale Daily News: Latest Issue]

This is the intrepid way in which a strong parliament and a strong nation like to see public difficulties handled, and they now welcomed the appearance of a new minister, who rejected what he called narrow and flimsy expedients, of which so much had been seen in the last half dozen years; who was not afraid to make a stand against heedless men with hearts apparently set on drying up one source of revenue after another; who did not shrink from sconcing the powerful landed phalanx like other people; and who at the same time boldly used and manfully defended the most unpopular of all the public imposts.. [The Life of William Ewart Gladstone, Vol. 1 (of 3) 1809-1859]

Moreover, a niche operator or one within narrow geographic limits can defend the barricades of competitive advantage with comparative ease.. [The Moguls’ New Clothes]

Maybe not to the extreme of the character but it does exist and bashing the movie because you cant stand real life prejudice is just plain narrow minded.. [“Gran Torino” movie review » Scene-Stealers]

Try to avoid such trading method as it performs only in narrow market conditions (strong trends) which are take places only in 20% of the time.. [Michael Trading | SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles]

But even with regard to Iraq here, Odierno seems to me to be thinking too much in narrow operational terms.. [Matthew Yglesias » Obama, Odierno, and Iraq]

As soon as The Long Fall begins, with McGill calling in old markers and greasing NYPD palms to unearth some seemingly harmless information for a high-paying client, he learns that even in this cleaned-up city, his commitment to the straight and narrow is going to be constantly tested.. [The Long Fall by Walter Mosley: Book summary]

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