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A nation is a stable community of people, formed on the basis of a common language, territory, economic life, ethnicity, or psychological make-up manifested in a common culture. A nation is distinct from a people, and is more abstract, and more overtly political, than an ethnic group. It is a cultural-political community that has become conscious of its autonomy, unity, and particular interests.Black's Law Dictionary defines a nation as follows: nation, n. (14c) 1. A large group of people having a common origin, language, and tradition and usu. constituting a political entity. • When a nation is coincident with a state, the term nation-state is often used.... ... 2. A community of people inhabiting a defined territory and organized under an independent government; a sovereign political state.... Ernest Renan's What is a Nation? (1882) declares that "race is confused with nation and a sovereignty analogous to that of really existing peoples is attributed to ethnographic or, rather linguistic groups", and "[t]he truth is that there is no pure race and that to make politics depend upon ethnographic analysis is to surrender it to a chimera", echoing a sentiment of civic nationalism. He also claims that a nation does not form on the basis of dynasty, language, religion, geography, or shared interests. Rather, "[a] nation is a soul, a spiritual principle. Two things, which in truth are but one, constitute this soul or spiritual principle. One lies in the past, one in the present. One is the possession in common of a rich legacy of memories; the other is present-day consent, the desire to live together, the will to perpetuate the value of the heritage that one has received in an undivided form", emphasizing the democratic and historical aspects of what constitutes a nation, although, "[f]orgetting, I would even go so far as to say historical error, is a crucial factor in the creation of a nation". "A nation is therefore a large-scale solidarity", which Renan says is reaffirmed in a "daily plebiscite".Benedict Anderson has characterised a nation as an "imagined community" and Paul James sees it as an "abstract community". A nation is an imagined community in the sense that the material conditions exist for imagining extended and shared connections. It is an abstract community in the sense that it is objectively impersonal, even if each individual in the nation experiences him or herself as subjectively part of an embodied unity with others. For the most part, members of a nation remain strangers to each other and will likely never meet. Hence the phrase, "a nation of strangers" used by such writers as Vance Packard..

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  • Plural form of nation. noun

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“The nations” is the common expression in the Old Testament for non-Jews as a group, and a Gentile is a person belonging to “the nations.. [Gentile]

It is also called the _necessary law of nations_, because nations are morally bound to observe it; and sometimes the _internal law of nations_, from its being binding on the conscience.. [The Government Class Book Designed for the Instruction of Youth in the Principles of Constitutional Government and the Rights and Duties of Citizens.]

The _customary law of nations_ consists of certain maxims, or is founded on customs and usages which have been long observed and tacitly consented to by nations, and have thereby become binding upon all who have adopted them, so far as their observance does not require a violation of the law of nature.. [The Government Class Book Designed for the Instruction of Youth in the Principles of Constitutional Government and the Rights and Duties of Citizens.]

The law of nature applied to nations or states as moral persons, is called the _natural law of nations_.. [The Government Class Book Designed for the Instruction of Youth in the Principles of Constitutional Government and the Rights and Duties of Citizens.]

A resolution was carried unanimously demanding amongst other things a just and lasting peace which would prevent the outbreak of fresh conflagrations and assure liberty to all nations in Europe, and "_self-determination for all nations_, including also that branch of the Czecho-Slovak nation which lives in Hungary.". [Independent Bohemia An Account of the Czecho-Slovak Struggle for Liberty]

"As to the willingness or ability of neutral nations to resist the Decrees of France, his Majesty has always professed ... _a disposition to relax or modify his measures of retaliation and self-defence in proportion as those of neutral, nations_ should come in aid of them and take their place.". [Sea Power in its Relations to the War of 1812 Volume 1]

_all_ the nations of the world as equally involved in the vast spiritual interests at stake, we should have no difficulty in understanding how possible and natural it was for Jeremiah to hear his mission _to the nations_ clearly indicated in the very moment of his call.. [Jeremiah : Being The Baird Lecture for 1922]

VIEW FAVORITES yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'Israel: As the light onto the nations'; yahooBuzzArticleSummary = '‘Israel is the light onto the nations\' says the Torah.. [OpEdNews - Quicklink: Israel: As the light onto the nations]

She singled out China and Syria as examples of what she called nations whose Internet restrictions would eventually boomerang.. [Clinton calls for 'serious conversation' about Internet freedom]

Continuous improvement in the levels of our productive efficiency in comparison and competition with the growing achievements of other nations is the only firm foundation for our future development and prosperity.. [Turmoil In Transportation]

Between no two other nations is there such a free interchange of ideas and products.. [Canada in World Affairs]

_First_, there is a recognition of a world of growing, living historical entities which we call nations; and this recognition implies new understanding and an enrichment of knowledge.. [The Psychology of Nations A Contribution to the Philosophy of History]

One of the greatest preventives of a quarrelsome spirit among the nations is the rising cost of nickel, because nickel is necessary for armour plate.. [Ontario Mines and Miners]

When we consider that though Britain has unquestionably the defects of her qualities and that sometimes those defects may seem to be more conspicuous even than their corresponding excellencies, yet, without shutting our eyes for a moment to national faults, I believe profoundly that the place which Britain holds today among the nations is to be attributed, under Providence, to nothing else, to nothing less, than the genuine worth of British character.. [Our National Outlook]

What was said to all the nations is here with a particular tenderness applied to the nation of the Jews, for whom Jeremiah was sensibly concerned.. [Commentary on the Whole Bible Volume IV (Isaiah to Malachi)]

From what I’ve been told about Chile, one of the reasons that they are richer than most other Latin American nations is that the very Catholic Chilean upper class has many kids while the underclass have fewer kids.. [Matthew Yglesias » “New Ideas”]

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