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Definitions of "natures"

  • Plural form of nature. noun

The word "natures" in example sentences

And if u dont belive in natures own laws, try telling a big hungry animal that your not its food cos u love it so dearly. (ask if it worked for the grizzly man: P) Your either the hunter or its prey ... [Environmentalists On Hunters]

Conveniently pronounced "Yo Valley," Yeo's rap boasts many qualities, like how their "approach is common sense, harmony in natures takes precedence.". [Yeo Valley Organic Ad Has Hip-Hop Farmers That Rap About Organic Dairy (VIDEO)]

I do, however, think that the basic idea of trying to determine the natural ends of human tendencies and aspirations, and trying to construct a moral system based on obedience to our true natures, is a good one.. [Matthew Yglesias » Top Gay Penguins References of 2008]

He has been featured in natures photographer as well as other photo mags.. [Michael Kenna Photography]

Perhaps we never saw them before, and they may never cross our life's path again; but the influence of their calm, mellow natures is a libation poured upon our discontent, and we feel its healing touch, as the ocean feels the mountain stream freshening its brine.. [The Story of My Life]

But as my granpa i also love animals, when its not hunting season i do some sportsfishing, and revel in natures own glory when in my wildlife treks i get to observe natures citizens in theire natural habitat .. where they should be and be able to survive and be happy .. cos animals that thrive are happy, its emotions, animals do have them, and animals do have compassion too .. its a natural process that makes sure that hunting animals dont kill off theire prey and by doing that eliminates theire own basis for survival ... [Environmentalists On Hunters]

Being recognized for our true natures is one of the fundamental desires of humanity; it’s always a knock-out to be really seen, properly understood, and to have one’s faults or weaknesses brought to the light of day and then treated with compassion and the prospect of a quick fix is a certain kind of spiritual manna.. [Doctor, Heal Thyself « Tales from the Reading Room]

I think it speaks to their co-dependant natures, which is oh so fun on Show, even if it's hellish in real life.. [Supernatural: 99 Problems - Pink]

I love your Buddha natures, which is all that is good and pure within you.. [Professional rates don’t mean you’re a professional]

If however their natures are the same, the inference is that their education must also be the same; there is no longer anything unnatural or impossible in a woman learning music and gymnastic.. [The Republic by Plato ; translated by Benjamin Jowett]

According to Gelug, Prasangika uses absurd conclusions to establish (prove) the voidness of existence established by findable self-natures, which is a total absence of this impossible mode of existence.. [Special Features of the Gelug Tradition]

It fastens the attention upon immortal necessary uncreated natures, that is, upon. [Nature]

Absolute complacency herein — that God is what he is, that he should be what he is, and nothing else, and that as such we may be united unto him, and enjoy Him according to the capacity of our natures is the life of divine love.. [Christologia]

All that was noblest in them, all that was strongest and most selfless, all the higher instincts of their natures were their endowment.. [A Book of Myths]

This is right, and most natural to the most emotional natures, that is, to those which answer most readily to outside influences.. [Girls and Women]

The fire of their natures was a holy fire -- a lambent flame which lighted but did not destroy.. [Woman on the American Frontier]

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