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Definitions of "nearer"

  • Less distant from. comparative form of near: more near adjective
  • Closer preposition
  • less distant in space. adjective
  • (comparative of `near' or `close') within a shorter distance adverb

The word "nearer" in example sentences

Next, To _creep to you with his Body and Head close upon the ground_, by saying, _Come nearer, Come nearer_, or the like Words; to understand and do it, entice him with shewing him Bread, or the like: Thrusting down any rising part of his Body or head, and roughly threatning him; if he slight that, a good Jerk or two with a slash of Whip-cord will reclaim his Obstinacy.. [The School of Recreation (1684 edition) Or, The Gentlemans Tutor, to those Most Ingenious Exercises of Hunting, Racing, Hawking, Riding, Cock-fighting, Fowling, Fishing]

They knew what the prince was saying, they had the secret and yet -- they were _no nearer, no nearer_ than he.. [Romance Island]

The girl felt it in every nerve; it was as though some soft-footed, noiseless, shapeless creature, whose presence she only dimly divined, was approaching nearer -- _nearer_.. [Stories by English Authors: The Orient (Selected by Scribners)]

I'll post about this again nearer to the date, and here's the link to the announcement by Cory Doctorow.. [The Whore's Daughter]

_Isabel_, in fact, would be a name nearer the original than the form in which we have it.. [Notes and Queries, Number 59, December 14, 1850]

Admiral Cunningham has stated we would gain nearer three than two million gross tons of shipping could we free the Mediterranean route.. [Finishing the Job]

She lay back on her pillow and her voice came again nearer to her son.. [The Mother]

A silence fell, pregnant and cryptic, and, while the voices of the children and the soft mandatory protests of the Asiatic maids drew nearer from the beach, Martha Scandwell felt herself vibrant and tremulous with sudden resolve of daring.. [On the Makaloa Mat]

From time to time our swift craft swerved in nearer to the bank in order that the superintendent might try to identify familiar-looking animals.. [Our Adventurers in Tampico]

Then she felt Charlie Merceron coining nearer, and, a second later, she heard his voice.. [Comedies of Courtship]

"That was all; except that it was touch and go with poor Dick for the next six weeks, with no surgeon worthy of the name nearer than St. Paul.". [Empire Builders]

The gorge now closes in nearer and steeper, our upward path being indicated by the giddy windings of a little hand-rail which scales the face of a huge rock straight ahead.. [Untrodden Peaks and Unfrequented Valleys]

Let our sympathies be recalled from Greece, or Ireland, to find their expression nearer home.. [The Woman's Advocate, Vol. I, No. III.]

Christ, we must remember that we stand in nearer relation to Christ than we do to any creature; and therefore to keep in with him, we must be content to break with all the world, and to say to father and mother, as Levi did, I have not known you.. [Commentary on the Whole Bible Volume V (Matthew to John)]

‘before’ is used contrariwise with reference to past and to future time; for in the past we call ‘before’ what is farther from the ‘now’, and ‘after’ what is nearer, but in the future we call the nearer. [Physics]

I’m sure I’ll whitter on about the motivations and plans behind that title nearer the time.. [2010 April « Chris Wraight]

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  • Character6
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