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1) The act of a female lighting a male's hair (in any location on his body) on fire and putting it out with her squirted female ejaculate. 2) The female to male equivalent of charizarding. Urban Dictionary

Good. cool. mint. fuckin amazin ect Urban Dictionary

The acronym for New England Conservatory, a music school in Boston. Urban Dictionary

Necs - used by mostly gamers and people who chat alot, who use it for short "Nature Calls" Urban Dictionary

Angry little person who has lied about being laid most of his life. Usually a virgin and lives in relatives basement in the middle of nowhere. Claims has a Johnson 13 inches long. Also goes by Nessy. Urban Dictionary

Not even cute , not gonna lie Urban Dictionary

Often associated with Aeneas in Vergil's Aeneid, this Latin phrase translates to "Duty not Booty," and can be used when telling someone to not be distracted by a love interest, but rather to get their work done instead. Urban Dictionary

An exclamation used, often replacing fuck or shit. Urban Dictionary

Realy means "next week" but is used in all sorts of situation to get out of some thing Urban Dictionary

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The word "nec" in example sentences

Well, actually there is another intriguing thing about the report, especially the photo, which has a filename nec-netbook-teaser.jpg. ❋ Unknown (2008)

The key lies in offering a single standardized model, the New Embassy Compound, or nec, which is centered around a building with an atrium, and is available in three sizes — small, medium, and large. ❋ Langewiesche, William (2007)

"nec," in the first branch of a negative sentence, the same word ❋ John Wilson Ross (1852)

He told me about the Metal-Storm type systems; Radar guided, computer controlled and designed to destroy the incoming missile by shredding it, not nec to detonate warhead, just shred it with enuough out-going lead. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Chris Travers: ‘It manus in gyrum: paulatim singula vires deperdunt proprias; color est e pluribus unus, nec totus viridis, quia lactea frusta repugnant, nec de lacte nitens, quia tot variatur ab herbis.’ ❋ Unknown (2010)

‘It manus in gyrum: paulatim singula vires deperdunt proprias; color est e pluribus unus, nec totus viridis, quia lactea frusta repugnant, nec de lacte nitens, quia tot variatur ab herbis.’ ❋ Unknown (2010)

Jackets compulsory at dinner Despite the vertiginous prices of Paris haute cuisine, a meal at one of these nec plus ultra tables is an investment that just can't disappoint, and snagging a sought-after table at chef Pascal Barbot's three-star restaurant on a cobbled side street in the 16th arrondissement is well worth persistence. ❋ Unknown (2011)

I once dropped a pager - once the nec plus ultra of modern communication, now not so much - in a toilet bowl. ❋ Unknown (2010)

April 18, 2010 at 11:21 am buttz ai donut usuilly ware peach an ruffled hi nec drezz. actuilly, ai donut ware drezzez at awl. oar at leastez elebenti ..elebenti earz ago. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Volat avis sine meta,/Quo nec vates nec propheta/Evolavit altius; ❋ Unknown (2008)

Verbum Dei, Deo natum,/Quod nec factum nec creatum/Venit de caelestibus, ❋ Unknown (2008)

In add[ition], it may be nec[essary], in an all-for-all exchange, to release to the Communists the fol[lowing] classes of pers[ons]: ❋ Gideon Rose (2010)

Unde et ipsa uocibus minime parcens assidue cantabat, nec leuem consciencie sue iacturam reputabat, si quando raucitatis uel alicuius infirmitatis incommodo interueniente, sollempnem psalmodie cantum minus alacriter persoluisset. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Note 10: Sundt, "Legislation," 401. "nec fiant in domibus nostris curiositates et superfluitates notabiles in sculpturis et picturis et pavimentis et aliis similibus que paupertatem nostram deformant." ❋ Unknown (2008)

Also the nec- never met a Rednec like Canjo Joe- I LIKE HIM ! ❋ Unknown (2010)

MANFRED: considerate lilia agri quomodo crescunt non laborant nec nent. ❋ Fresca (2010)

You don't nec. need to become a journalist afterwards. ❋ Unknown (2009)

She [started] neccing me which is how I got pink-eye. I only do [girls] who know [how to] nec. ❋ Drfornication (2014)

that was [fuckin] nec!!! ❋ Jono (2003)

NEC beats [the shit out of] [CIM], [MSM], and any other three-letter-acronym music schools! ❋ Zhuxx289 (2009)

1337guy : Hey, i think [ill] go [take a leak]. [BrB] necs (: ❋ Fr34k0o (2009)

[Michael] [Paul] [Lane] has been described as a Nec Nec MPL ❋ Little O (2009)

that girl [over there] in the [spandex pants] is [NEC NGL] ❋ Paul (2004)

[Paul]: Dang, I'm gonna go out with [Trish] tonight, she is looking hot. Tim: But don't you have work? Paul: [Screw] work man! Tim: Just remember Paul, Pietate nec Praedae. ❋ MJ4300 (2018)

[Ah] nec, [Chads] taken my [loafers] again! ❋ Amboss (2019)

"can u pass me the chips" "nec wiek" "[go eat shit]" "nec wiek" pretty much say it [fo] any thing yuou wanna get out of .. "[do your work]" "nec wiek , nec wiek" ❋ Kris1er (2005)

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